The option season is coming soon, but this time it will be different and we will play many great matches

June 16, 2024 at 10:57 pm

The holidays are coming soon, which means cucumber season in the industry. There may be fewer premieres, but this time there are some good games waiting for us that will make our holiday more enjoyable.

After the Summer Games Festival and the accompanying conferences in the editorial office, we return to our daily routine. It’s a wonderful and sunny June, a sign that we are slowly entering the cucumber season… which has clearly changed this year, because among the obvious fillers we can find some really strong premieres, as well as many smaller, but still Interesting productions.

Unfortunately, the time when we went on vacation for two months has passed forever. For us, June doesn’t herald the end of learning, and July and August are only different in that it’s harder for us to find a game we’d like to review, and even harder to find a topic we’d like to read or watch. We catch the summer sun through the tram window on our way to work (although some of us will soon be going on vacation and sending the rest of us photos on Discord, which the rest of us will be angry about). Especially during the holidays, I always needed good toys that would allow me to fill the warm evenings. As you know, there are usually not many good games available during this period.

But when you look at our encyclopedia and sort the games by release date, you’ll discover that there’s a lot of fun in store this time around. Because look, Still Wakes the Deep, a horror film from the makers of the announced film, is about to be released Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 who have already been released Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Everyone went into ecstasy I Dear Esther. This all sounds encouraging And I think I’ll try to start with myself, even though I hate fear. An expansion for the game, which is unfairly unpopular in our country, will be released in June Final Fantasy In June, we will also try – here there is a national theme but also Caribbean – to return to the old strategy games about the hard life of pirates in the Republic of Pirates. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for the fact that the studio responsible for the game is located in Wrocław. Let’s give them a chance, because the old ones remember them Pirates, Port Royal whether Pirates! It still lives in some of us. And if we’re talking about games that bring back memories – Workers and Resources: The Soviet Republic It’s finally out of early access, and it’s a pretty good city builder.

But what about city builders, we all know what to really expect. Yes, in just 4 days, on June 20th, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree will be released. A solid addition to FromSoftware’s best game (at least in terms of reception and sales), and one that will once again return to the dire heights of Steam’s popularity. It is a game that, even if it is beyond our control, deserves our respect. I have a weird relationship with it – I play avidly (I’m back now to update my core game), but I suffer greatly while doing so. There’s something about this game – Its atmosphere, its faded colours, its wonderful but sad and tension-intensive music – which means that after every two or three hour session I have to take a break because I feel so emotionally tired. I realize this is a completely unusual reason to like a game, but that’s why it stirs up so many emotions in me – because moving through this sad, unfriendly, sickly world can bring out states in me that I didn’t even suspect existed. DLC only for Fire ring Enough for the holidays, but that’s not all.

It looks like a movie

“Nob’s Wants to Die” sounds atmospheric. Critical strike games 2024.

We’ll be back in Poland and into July – then Nobody Wants to Die will be released, a Polish TPP adventure game in a neo-noir setting. The trailer promises real sci-fi fun and a good detective story. Make sure to write down the name of this game.

Also in July, another Polish production will be released, which the whole world is waiting for with us – Frostbank 2 It will celebrate its premiere on July 25. We’ve already written about the game several times, and I had the pleasure of experiencing the story campaign for myself. The coolest game will come out in the middle of summer and I hope it will repeat the success of the first part.

We’ll start off August with a continuation of the niche game that was a hit from years ago – World of Goo 2 will be released on August 2nd. The first part is a fascinating game in which we build different structures from the titular “glues”, remembering physics and the basics of architecture.. It’s a great game and I highly encourage you to play it if you haven’t enjoyed it yet. You will not be disappointed.

Black Legend: Wukong, Game Science 2024. - Cucumber season is coming soon, but this time it will be different and we will play many wonderful games - Message - 2024-06-16

Black Legend: Wukong, Games Science 2024.

Also in August, Black Myth: Wukong – a Chinese production with stunning graphics – will premiere. Twisted dark fantasy, dynamic combat Wara God And an interesting main protagonist. It’s great that this game is releasing in mid-August, because we can ignore it during the peak of fall releases, and — at least judging by the trailers — it’s worth the attention.

We end the month of August with four titles – Concorde is the recently announced arena shooter from Sony’s portfolio, a suggestion I’ll forget when I put a period in that sentence. World of Warcraft: The War Within is of course the next big expansion F-A, where Blizzard pledges to atone for its mistakes and sins from previous years. I still wonder if I’ll cheat and get back into the game, but I know the fun will continue without me, because the loyal fans are waiting.

Mana Insights, Square-Enix 2024. - Option season is coming soon, but this time it will be different and we will play many great games - Message - 2024-06-16

Mana Visions, Square Enix 2024.

Visions of Mana is a title we saw at the Xbox Showcase not too long ago. The colorful jRPG won’t find many fans in Poland, but it’s not a small production and should be remembered, especially since it’s Square-Enix. I also know from experience that this type of jRPG can take up dozens of hours of our time.

We’ll end the month of August with a hit game from Ubisoft, Star Wars: Outlaws. We will check how the well-known and used formula of the French developer translates into the universe star Wars We have a lot of hope here… and also a lot of fears. Well, if the game turns out to be mediocre, at least we’ll get to visit Tatooine.

Of course, these are not all the games that we will play during the holidays (for example, the continuation of Greedfall, which was warmly received in Poland in Early Access, should also be released in August), but you can see for yourself that it is difficult to call it a season of real choice. So I’m sure some of you will still be as pale as a wall in September, because your faces will be lit not by the sun, but by the screen and the TV screen. But if you happen to go on vacation, Send us a postcardYou will find the address here. I will try to quote them as soon as possible in this post.

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