The northern lights are visible again in Poland.  The expert indicates when we will see this

Northern lights They are colorful flares of light that arise from magnetic storms on the Sun. This phenomenon is very amazing and pleasing to the eyes. Many people dream of seeing the northern lights at least once in their life. It may seem like this would be somewhat impossible in Poland, but the events of May showed that you don’t have to go to Norway to see the Northern Lights. In May, social media was filled with images of the northern lights, which can be seen from almost every corner of Poland from May 10 to 12. If you still haven’t seen it, all is not lost.

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Northern lights again in Poland? When will the northern lights appear in June 2024?

For those who have not yet been able to see the Northern Lights in Poland, there is still hope. More magnetic storms may appear soon, and with them the aurora borealis! When will you be able to see the Northern Lights in Poland? As it turned out – soon.

– Yesterday I tried to address the topic in a very balanced way, but it seems that the AR3697 area does not care about all this. Well, within 24 hours, it produced three X-class flares, two of which were very short, but the long M-ca that followed the third produced a complete asymmetric corona of coronal ejection straight toward Earth. – Carol Wojcicki wrote on Sunday (June 2) on his blog “With Your Head in the Stars.”

So when will we see the aurora borealis? The expert pointed to the date.

– This allows us to assume that we can expect very good conditions on Tuesday for observing the northern lights from Poland. I warn you: The aurora will not be as strong as it was on May 10, but we should easily see shafts of light above the northern horizon. The initial forecast is for a G3 magnetic storm, and the (ground) weather forecast for Poland is very good – “With your head in the stars,” we read on the fan page.

What are the northern lights?

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