The new PS5 model (CFI-1202) with first details.  Sony is reducing the size of equipment again

The Japanese manufacturer plans to present the new PlayStation 5 model not only in Japan – thanks to the offer from Australia, we got the first information about the console. The PS5 with the signature CFI-1202 will again be lighter than the previous version, which shows that the company has decided to make some changes to the design of the device.

Australian Click on Start Editors convey it Sony launched the PS5 in a non-motorized version with the nominal CFI-1202B and in the standard CFI-1202A version, and the consoles were purchased by early customers.

The Japanese have not disclosed what exactly has been changed in the latest review of the equipment yet, however, journalists provided the first details – according to the manual, the company has again reduced the weight of the console.

The PS5 Digital Edition (CFI-1202B) is 200g lighter and weighs 3.4kg (which is 500g less than the original PS5 Digital First Edition), while the PS5 (CFI-1202A) is 300g lighter and weighs 3.9kg The console is for the first time and the new revision is 600g.

As a result, the latest model of the PS5 with a motor weighs as much as the PS5 Digital Edition at launch (2020).

PS5 – Changes in device weight:

  • 2020 Edition: PS5 Powered: 4.5kg, PS5 Digital Edition: 3.9kg (Premiere),
  • Version from 2021: PS5 with engine: 4.2 kg, PS5 Digital Edition: 3.6 kg,
  • Edition from 2022: PS5 with engine: 3.9 kg, PS5 Digital Edition: 3.4 kg.

The editors do not have new models on their hands, so they are not able to confirm in detail what has changed inside the device. However, remember that the last time Sony completely rebuilt the radiator, its dimensions were significantly reduced.

The PS5 (CFI-1202) should undergo specific tests soon, so we’ll find out exactly why the console lost another 200-300g.

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