The new Jurassic World is already being filmed.  What do we know about the conspiracy?

attention! This content is hearsay, so it may be true, but it doesn’t have to be true.

We read that it is new Jurassic World, which has been rumored to be titled Jurassic City, is already being filmed. Filming has begun in Thailand, where the team will spend a month. According to Variety, work will also be carried out at locations in the UK and Malta.

New Jurassic World – what do we know?

According to the latest somewhat superficial description, we know that the story will be set on an island. It’s probably one of the ones known from the previous parts, because we haven’t visited all of them. The plot focuses on three adults and three teenagers, so in keeping with the series’ tradition, younger characters will be present.

We know from official reports that this will be a completely new beginning for the series, which will begin a new Jurassic era. It is unclear what exactly this means. Details were not revealed.

Scarlett Johansson plays the main character. The cast also includes Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia Rulfo, Mahershala Ali, Rupert Friend, Luna Blaze, and David Iacono. Behind the camera is Gareth Edwards, known from Rogue One and The Maker. No one will return from the previous parts.

New Jurassic World – Premiering in cinemas in 2025.

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