The new Beverly Hills Cop wasn’t supposed to be a hit. Still, it’s a dignified farewell to Eddie Murphy’s series.[RECENZJA] – Make a CD

Bookmakers expected a real disaster, a kitsch festival that runs on the fumes of emotional blackmail by stirring up nostalgia. However, the creators proved that it is possible to produce a well-executed (with a touch of good situational humor) “fun” type film if you put a little work into it.

Latest “Policeman” It’s an action movie with a soul: the summer atmosphere of the classic trilogy has been preserved here, and the screenwriters decided not to interfere with the established style.“Leave it all to Murphy,” they concluded, giving the 63-year-old actor plenty of room to brag and joke. And that worked out the whole plan. And more than enough.

Are they making a movie? Why can’t I play?

Instead of cutting coupons, the creators, led by legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer, put everything on one card. “Either we make it a real hit, or we go our separate ways,” the American show business executive might have told his colleagues. The terms were accepted and Murphy, with whom the company was in constant contact, was contacted.


The actor didn’t need much convincing: He’s long said he didn’t want the story of Foley, one of his favorite characters, to end the way it did thirty years ago. While not a bad film by any means, the third “Cop” installment is now being treated as the weakest, and for some, even a misunderstanding. Is Murphy’s words merely a desire to make extra money? Logic tells us that Netflix’s latest production is just a simple cash grab and a forced revival of an old brand.

However, for the actor, playing Foley has always had sentimental value: his father was a cop. In the final part, you can clearly see how happy the actor is to return to being a Beverly Hills cop. Murphy shines as the cheerful cop, and throughout the show it’s hard to believe three decades have passed. It is no coincidence that the fourth part of the series was titled “Axel F”. This is a film by him and about him.

A classic of the genre.

The plot of the new “cop” is similar to the first part, where a tragedy also occurs that drives the action forward (here on a much smaller scale: one of the most important characters is unexpectedly kidnapped during the investigation). So Axel Foley sets off from Detroit to Beverly Hills again, this time to find a friend. Interestingly, on his way he will meet his humiliated daughter, lawyer Jane Saunders (Taylor Paige) and detective Bobby Abbott (long time no see, Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who are working on the same case. Axel’s relationship with Jane is a classic repetition, stylistically referring to the dynamics of a standard relationship in which an irresponsible parent must correct his past mistakes in order to reconcile with the wronged child. However, it has its charm and does not spoil our cinematic tour of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Murphy’s interpretation of Foley still lacks the vigor of youth.although the passage of time has already taken its toll: without the help of others, he will not be able to finish the last film. The smile never leaves his face, and we cannot forget the kind words he throws left and right as if he were firing from a machine gun. At the same time, old friends also return. On the screen we will see the legendary duo Billy Rosewood and John Taggart (as always the amazing Judge Reinhold and John Ashton), and even the actor Paul Reiser (Jeffrey Friedman appeared in the second part of the series) and the fan. Favorite Serge (Bronson Pinchot) makes a cameo), an indifferent visionary and Axel’s friend.

A light breath of freshness

Have you ever wondered why Foley in the previous installments is always ready for action and devotes his time, energy and even risks his life at every step to accomplish the mission he has chosen? If so, the latest movie “Beverly Hills Cop” will give you the answer to this mystery. In “4” the text refers directly to this archetype of the ever-active hero who will move mountains.will roll over the Sisyphean stone and at the same time get rid of half of the criminals in his city (by the way: is each of these films the predecessor of the plot assumptions in GTA? Who knows!). This motif has been present everywhere in the last two decades of the twentieth century, starting with the movie “Commando” with Schwarzenegger trying to get his daughter back from the hands of kidnappers, and ending – literally – with all the productions with Steven Seagal from the nineties (not to mention Stallone in the Rambo series).



Here it is Axel’s daughter, Jane’s supervisor, who brings our police officer in a cape down to earth. An old idea, but it works because – even in the dialogue – it refers to Foley’s actions and mood from the previous parts. Everything was fine, he stopped the gangs, avenged his colleague, helped his friends from the department, but he paid for it with his own life. Moreover, we buy this thread, because the film does not try to make him a tragic figure (as Indiana Jones has been doing lately). We continue to work with a man with the same good heart, full of energy and vitality; with a man who simply needs to think about some things. Then he buckles up and tries to finish the investigation, but with one exception: he puts his male pride aside.

to Popcorn movie A real idea that we have Netflix to thank on our knees for. It could have turned out differently, because reviving a dead franchise usually ends tragically (see: “Indiana Jones”, and maybe also “Star Wars”). And here, from the first scene we hear the song “The Heat Is On” with Glenn Frey singing and we immediately feel at home. I want to see “Axel F” On a big screen or in the cinema.


I had no expectations for the new “Beverly Hills Cop.” Every week we’re filled with crap and reboots of duds that prove it was never meant to be made. It was supposed to happen this time, but thankfully Axel Foley returns without a hitch: He’s still the same jovial guy viewers have come to love for over 30 years.

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