The necklaces were supposed to protect against 5G networks.  Turned out to be radioactive

Sellers of these contracts argue that they use “pure minerals and volcanic ash from the earth” for their production. The components they claim to contain are supposed to protect the owner from any negative effects of 5G.

Dutch researchers have a slightly different opinion. The Dutch Nuclear Safety Agency states that “exposure to ionizing radiation can cause negative health effects”. Reports indicate that it damages tissue and DNA structure.

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These contracts only emit low levels of radiation, but the researchers report that wearing such an item at all times would exceed the radiation limit. The agency is calling for these products to be removed immediately.

“Retailers in the Netherlands have been advised that the sale of these products is prohibited and must be stopped immediately. Stores must inform their customers of this,” the statement read.

Last year, 15 EU member states called on the European Commission to tackle the spread of conspiracy theories that keep setting telecom towers on fire.

Is 5G harmful?

as we wrote on Medonet, the radiofrequency electromagnetic field in the same group of aloe vera extracts or pickled vegetables.

Previous studies (more than 25,000 different scientific analyzes) did not show a statistically significant relationship between the effect of electromagnetic waves used in communications and the infection of any diseases or a decrease in the body’s immunity.

The only negative health effect of the electromagnetic field, which has been confirmed in medical practice and laboratory tests, is the thermal effect. The electromagnetic field may have a slight effect on body temperature.

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