The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.  Scientists have solved his language - O2

Scientists from the British University of Southampton presented the theory of the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon. Their solution explains why more than a thousand people have mysteriously disappeared in the past 100 years in an area of ​​​​700 square kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bermuda Triangle – Explained. Scientists put forward a theory

According to Fox News, the cause of the disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle – also known as the “Devil’s Triangle” – is the high waves. British scientists even conducted an experiment using internal simulators to recreate the trajectory of this phenomenon.

Stunningly high waves that appeared for a few minutes were first observed in 1997. Then they appeared off the coast of South Africa, their height was 30 meters.

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One of the authors of the theory, Dr. Simon Boxall, believes that the Bermuda Triangle has ideal conditions for high waves. He said that both the northern and southern ends of the strip are witnessing violent storms that eventually merge.

Storms often come from Florida. As a result, the risk of waves up to 30 meters high, which are so high and powerful that they can sink even a large ship, is significantly increased.

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