The mysterious planet Venus in the new movie.  NASA plans research missions

Information about this possibility appeared recently The existence of life in the atmosphere of Venus. Phosphine was discovered there. Later, scientists denied this wonderful information, but many still believe that the dense double atmosphere of our planet may hide the building blocks of life. After all, women are said to come from Venus.

because NASA Planning to send two missions there. will be the first Truth, honesty. The spacecraft will enter orbit around Venus and on its mission It will create a map of height and depth Almost the entire surface of the planet. Scientists will use this valuable data to see if it happens in this world tectonic or volcanic processes. In addition, the probe maps the surface in terms of the chemical composition of the rocks.

In the meantime, it will be the second mission Da Vinci +. With its help, scientists will study the composition of the atmosphere of Venus, analyze its development, as well as verify Did the planet have oceans?. Interestingly, scientists want to unravel one of the greatest mysteries about the Earth’s twin, which is the effect of global warming. NASA explains that both missions will be complementary to each other.

Thanks to them, we will be able to discover the greatest secrets of Venus in one fell swoop. While it may seem less interesting than Mars, scientists are considering the reality in the future Build a manned research station thereThat will become a window into this wonderful world. Unlike the red planet, it will not appear on the surface, but in the atmosphere.

It is by no means a very difficult task, it can even be compared to the conquest of the Red Planet. but astronauts They will not have the opportunity to touch the soil of Venus, because there is a high pressure (92 atm) and a high temperature (500 ° C), but they can observe it closely for some time, due to the level of its atmosphere.

NASA plans to use special airships that will allow Landing in the atmosphere at an altitude of about 50 km on the roof. At this altitude, the pressure is at the level of the Earth’s atmosphere, the force of gravity there is slightly less than that on Earth, and the temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius. As scientists confirm, these conditions are more favorable for carrying out tasks than those prevailing on the surface Mars.

In addition to VERITAS and DAVINCI+, NASA is also planning the mission of the first wheeled vehicle. It will appear there in the twenties of the last century Russia also plans to send missions to Venus. This country has the most experience in exploring this mysterious world, so new research can do a lot of good for your plans to get to know it better.

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