The motorcycle movie “One Fast Move” is coming to Amazon Prime. What is it about? When does it premiere?

A trailer for a motorcycle movie has unexpectedly surfaced online, and it won’t be released in theaters, but will debut on Amazon Prime. Looking at the first shots, you shouldn’t expect fireworks, and the story itself has a cliched tone. But that doesn’t stop it from running for a relaxed activist position on Sunday.

Feature films about motorcycles are something you don’t see very often in nature, which is why every production of this type attracts attention. It is no different in the case of “One Fast Move”, whose trailer has been released online. The film will be available immediately on Amazon Prime. The lead role is played by KJ Apa, whose most famous role was in the series “Riverdale”. In 2017, he was nominated, among others, by MTV for Best Kiss, but he also received more ambitious nominations in the category of Best Young Actor.

From the description of the film, we learn that Wes Neal (KJ Apa) was expelled from the army because of his passion for illegal motorcycle racing. After this event comes the thought and the main character decides to enter the world of professional racing. To do this, he contacts his father, a former champion. In addition, Wes finds a job in a shop with his father’s mentor. There will also be a love story.

The film will hit Amazon Prime on August 8, heralding a motorcycle-friendly start to the second month of the holiday. A day later, “Motorcyclists,” a story inspired by the fate of the Outlaws MC club, will premiere in Polish cinemas. You can watch the trailer for “One Fast Move” below.

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