The most expensive oral sex in the history of sports.  It cost 19 million dollars

It’s been a very bad year for Denny Nigel. Throughout the 2004 season, no one played match. The club bosses were angry. They did not sign a contract with him worth $51 million. In five years of play for the player not to play. Already in 2003 there were problems. Neagle only appeared seven times as a so-called starter and from July 20th was on the hit list.

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Guaranteed contracts are paid even after career termination

The baseball player had a natural problem with baseball pitchers – an elbow injury. It can be said that the 35-year-old athlete is already tired. At the club, they still hope that once he recovers, Nigel will regain fitness. In MLB, there has never been a shortage of 40-year-old shooters who, after “fixing” their elbow, were still great with their potency.

It should be noted here that MLB contracts are guaranteed. After signing, the entire amount goes back to the competitor – to name a few, say not very elegant, but original Polish – Misha’s dog. Best baseball game ever Leagues There is no shortage of history in the world, where reckless general managers signed a long-term contract with a brilliant player whose “field achievements – as America is said – fell off a cliff” before the ink on document signatures dried forever. . Mostly due to injury. The prime example is Prince Felder, who signed a nine-year contract for $214 million in 2012. From the Detroit Tigers. Due to injury, he retired in 2016, but in 2020 he was one of the highest-paid baseball players in the league, because Texas Noticewhere he moved in 2014, and then they paid him the last installment of the giant contract – $ 24 million.

Nigel paid $40 for oral sex

The Rockies didn’t come up with the Neagle deal very often, but to this day his deal is one of the leaders in various ratings for the club’s worst transfers in history. Although it has to be said that the Denver team managed to get away with being paid to do nothing.

Son himself gave the excuse. One December night in 2004—after a hiatus after a season spent recovering from elbow surgery—he was caught with a prostitute in Lakewood, a Denver suburb. As it turns out, Jill Russell was offered $40 sex Oral. It was a pity that the police arrested the couple and they were arrested. Incitement to prostitution in Colorado is a crime that carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison and a $500 fine.

The Rockies have been waiting for it. As soon as the case saw the light, they terminated their contract, considering their player’s arrest and unethical behavior a breach of contract. The club saved the $19 million it was supposed to pay the player for 2005 and another option. Of course, the words of money and the dollar were not included in the official statement at all.

“Religious behavior is inconsistent with what our organization stands for,” Charles Monfrot, director and co-owner of the club, told The Associated Press.

The leaders of the Rockies terminated the contract under Section 7b1

Moreover, representatives of the Rockies sarcastically said in an interview with the New York Times that “money does not play a role here.” In our opinion, the contract is void. This belief is based on the players’ standardized contract records, said Jay Alves, director of public relations for the Rockies. Club activists did not wait for Nigel’s ruling.

“Money probably isn’t an issue for the Rockies, but I’d be shocked if they wanted to pay him anyway,” MLB baseball commissioner Rob Manfred today, who was head of labor relations at the time, commented. They certainly won’t. I don’t think 7b1’s termination will remain in independent arbitration.

This 7b1 clause was part of the so-called Standard MLB Players Contract. He declared that the club could terminate the contract if the player “resolved, refused or neglected to live up to the standards of being a good citizen”.

Not only did Nigel lose his job, he lost his wife as well

In the end, Rocky made their way and Nigel was left unpaid. Then he tried to catch the Tampa Bay Rays, but in the end he didn’t play any MLB games. His marriage also collapsed. Nigel was convicted of using a prostitute in January 2006. The baseball player was treated very kindly. The judge ruled that 40 hours of community service was enough to rehabilitate Nigel.

Nigel may not have been a big star, but he has had some sporting successes at his expense. He played for MLB for 18 seasons, including 2004, which was on the injured list. He has 124 career victories and 92 defeats. He has played in the MLB Star Game twice. In 2000, for the New York Yankees, he won the world championship, ie the last Leagues.

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