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The most annoying mechanics and items in RPGs

The most annoying mechanics and items in RPGs

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September 24, 2022, 11:30

RPG is one of the most popular types of computer games today. Today, it is often possible to make it, above all, more playable. However, some mechanics can discourage even those very original products.

Disturbing mechanics or outdated genre patterns are some of the main reasons we give up on old titles, which are often great in terms of story and music. Of course, graphic design is also important. That’s just – as new productions appear to change – if Even the most beautiful game that will not be equipped with player-friendly mechanics, can effectively discourage the most impatient players. So what annoys us most about RPGs?

There is no option to automatically revive comrades after a fight

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, 2004, Obsidian Entertainment, LucasArts - Most Disturbing RPG Mechanics and Elements - Documentary - 09-23-2022

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, 2004, Obsidian Entertainment, LucasArts

  1. Games you get annoyed with: Planscape: tormentDivinity: Original Sin 2
  2. Games that are done correctly: series Knights of the Old RepublicPillars of Eternity 2
  3. Making this item more player friendly has become an industry standard: yes

An even and successful fight is always more satisfying than an easy cliched fight. However, it often involves losing some comrades. In old “erpegs” it can happen that they are dead for goodso the player who wanted to travel with him, despite winning the battle, had to load the previous rescue.

in Baldur Gate if Planscape: Tormenci They could have been revived after the fight. In the case of the first production, the Resurrection Scroll was useful, while the main character of the second, Nameless Immortal, had three revivals a day. It is undeniable that it used to extend the game even longer. And it extends into some newer games as wellfor example in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Although there is a modification that resolves this issue).

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It was one of the first big games to get rid of the apocalypse mechanics completely Knights of the Old Republic. Couture They will be rendered unconscious if they lose all hitpoints. If the battle is successful, the defeated heroes rise up and rejuvenate some of their vitality. Today, this type of mechanics is the industry standard. And there’s no need to hide – although the realism may have suffered a bit from that, the gameplay just got a lot more fun.