The measure has changed!  Wiswa Krakow was expelled coach!

“The priority for the club is to implement a solution to help keep the team in Ekstraklasa in the first place and ensure further participation in the Polish Cup. The name of the new coach, who will take on the tasks awaiting him, will be announced in the near future “- we read in the announcement published by Wisła Kraków .

The rest of the text is below the video.

Although sporting director Tomasz Pasicny confirmed a few days ago that the coach had not received an ultimatum, the Slovakian was released yesterday evening. In the next match, a very important match against Górnik Łęczna, Piazza Guayesda will have to show that they can be better than the other teams in the struggle for relegation. At the moment, there is nothing to play at Wiswa from the sporting side and it is difficult to say that the team has made any progress.

Gula’s mission was greatly hampered by the sale of two chiefs: Yau Yeboah and Ashraf al-Mahdawi. However, the Slovakian tried not to show any public complaints about this situation. – I will not complain about the shortage of workers now. I have players here, and I think they work together. We didn’t show the things I know this team for. I have to take out one hundred percent of the players I have in the team – he said at the conference, as it turned out, in his last game in Krakow.

What then? The club will choose a new coach in the coming days. One of the candidates is Jerzy Brzęczek, who, in the times of the previous owners, was about to take a job in Reymonta. If his nephew Jakob Błaszczykowski is the co-owner of the White Star, this alternative has a greater chance of success.

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