January 28, 2023


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The main sponsor might leave Stal Mielec?!

The main sponsor might leave Stal Mielec?!

As reported by “Onet” Tomasz Poręba, the MEP supporting Stal Mielec intends to leave the club. He was due to pour the cup of bitterness with his team’s match with Lecia Gdansk. It was in it that there was a major confusion with the VAR system and goal acknowledgment for the White and Green in overtime, giving the local win 3:2.

Tomasz Poręba is the person who introduced the PGE and several smaller entities to Stal Mielec. It was they who provided the team with the appropriate financial background, which allowed him to be promoted to Ekstraklasa. In addition, MEP is constantly talking with other entities that could be involved in financing the club from Podkarpacie. The talks may not end because the politician is considering leaving Stahl. And all because of the flexible match with Lycia Gdansk, which Pureba said on Twitter.

– Mr. Czarek_Kulesza, what the judges did was disgusting robbery. Anyway, another one this season, but these streaks of the day beat it all. You can rip your veins, build a club, and you’ll lose at the table anyway. I don’t feel like taking any more credit for this nonsense. enjoy alone – he wrote.

Two days later, when “Onet” asked Poruba about his future at the club, he is still angry. – I have to think about it again and meet my co-workers. wetting. But what happened in Gdansk overcame everything I’ve seen so far. It took a lot of energy and effort to get Stall back into the Premier League to pretend nothing happened. Of course, leaving the club after so many years of commitment wouldn’t be fun or easy at all. I must also remember that I am not alone in Stal – Puriba explained.

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MEP’s departure from Stal would likely cause the club to collapse from PGE, and would mean the end of the team at the top of the league in a straight line.


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