The mafia mushroom pickers are on the attack.  The police are watching the forests

Residents of these areas were invited to cooperate with citizens in exposing the mafia mushroom pickers – Inform the Environmental Protection Directorate of the Civil Guard. The Spanish daily La Razon writes about it.

In Spain, bush collection requires a special permit that can be purchased online. In the case of mushroom picking, there are three types of permits: recreational permits – permission to collect up to 5 kg per day, commercial – up to 50 kg and operating – granted to buyers and sellers of mushrooms.

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The cheapest is the recreational permit type, which costs 3 to 5 euros per day for a person who lives in the area and 10 euros for a non-resident. In addition, mushrooms can be harvested only at the permitted times and in certain places.

Industrial mushroom picking

Meanwhile, in the mountainous forests of Spain, organized groups of mushroom pickers, mostly from Romania, have been roaming for years collecting mushrooms en masse without a permit. They travel through the forests in a line and systematically clean the area. They sell illegally harvested mushrooms in Spain or trade them abroad, to neighboring France or to Germany. Likes The phenomena have been observed in Poland, which we wrote about in

According to the Civil Guard, mafia groups of mushroom pickers consist of several or several dozen people traveling in vans. In the forests, they often set up illegal camps, in which they sleep.


Police officers ask residents of forest areas if they have seen strangers roaming in the mountains. Those encountered are required to have documentation and a permit to collect mushrooms. If this does not happen, the police will confiscate the mushrooms and impose a fine on it. If the detainees are foreigners who do not have the ability to pay the fine on the spot, their car is temporarily confiscated by the police.

In addition, officers control mountain roads by stopping cars and especially vans and checking their loads. In the region of Castile and Leon, it is assumed that the transport of more than 10 kg of mushrooms without documentation confirming their origin is illegal. In the case of obtaining a permit, the permissible harvest limit may not be exceeded. In addition, the police verifies that the vehicle has all the certificates for the transportation of foodstuffs.

bush collection It was organized in Spain for 15 years. Before that, there was a free mushroom picking market that was freely available to anyone.




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