On the second day, although practically the first (due to the delay), the simultaneous number of people playing Lost Ark on Steam exceeded 1 million. This is a huge success. For the first time ever, an MMORPG has broken this legendary barrier on Steam.

The time of writing the article according to data from SteamDBin a missing coffin 1,129,432 Steam users are playing. The number is increasing all the time, although perhaps not as fast as the players would like. Currently, logging into the most popular servers is almost a miracle. For example, in the server queue “Neria”, which the Poles eagerly occupy, there are already 12,000 people waiting.

It is not better on other servers. Thousands of players are lining up. It looks like we have a repeat of what we saw during the launch of New World, another MMORPG that Amazon Games released last year.

Image source: © steamdb

missing coffin It is currently the busiest production, and has already reached fourth place in the all-time list. Thus, it outperformed Poland’s Cyberpunk 2077, which has a record 1,054,388 players. Will the South Korean MMORPG be able to beat Dota and CS: GO yet? maybe you can be. We keep our fingers crossed.

New World is the fifth most popular game on Steam.  It was just under a million players

New World is the fifth most popular game on Steam. It was just under a million players

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