The League of Nations brutally checked us out.  "We don't grow up to a certain level"

Four defeats, including two defeats against opponents we considered undeserved so far Polish women – Dominican and Bulgarian women, no promotion to the eighth final periodicals Nations, but also to maintain the competition, which you had to shiver anyway. This is the tournament record in Sofia, one of the worst tournaments that Polish volleyball players have played in recent years.

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Revolution or evolution in Polish volleyball players? Cork: We’ll see on the field. The staff is not a kindergarten

Polish women sometimes sleep in defense. They said goodbye to the League of Weak Nations

to meet bulgaria Stefano Lavarini He came out with a slightly different setup than before: he gave Elijah Grabka a chance in the match and Monica Vidocio at the party. Apart from them, the same players played in the team. The result and the game have not changed since the last matches. The Polish women turned out to be worse than the Bulgarians – a team with whom they have lost only once in matches in the last 22 years, lower than them in the FIVB rankings and who certainly did not shine at their level during the League of Nations. . In the second set, they managed to outperform only thirteen points, and in the whole match in four sets. Even if they experimented extensively and did not care about the end result, it turned out to be difficult to accept this result.

Coach Lavarini spread his arms and looked bitterly at his players. Since the Polish women did not lift the easy balls, they were poorly centered on the block, not focused on what was happening on the net. Sometimes, they would fall asleep in defense, when the ball was slowly flying towards the playing field, but it still fell into them and gave a point Bulgarians. They also often drop balls easily after a missed reception and make mistakes in many attacks. In total, she gave competitors up to 28 points. Certainly too much. So this season’s farewell to the League of Nations has been poor.

Shame. This is the League of Nations schedule after Poland’s last game. worse than ever

Polish women have not suffered such defeats in years

The defeat against Bulgaria is an unpleasant surprise, but the whole tournament in Sofia looks the worst – four matches without a win and only glimpses of a decent match. It hurts the fact that so far they are working in such a way that, having won the last two matches of the tournament, the Polish women will still have a chance to advance to the quarter-finals of the tournament. They hurt, but they can win the next match on bets. In the current situation, the next match will be on September 23. With the Croatian national team to open the World Cup.

Of course, the main goal, is to stay in it The League of Nations for the next season. But the players themselves said that they aspire more, want to play and win with the best. In the meantime, they just increased their losing streak in matches to six. They had not had such a thing for years, even during Jacek Nawrocki’s entire tenure – he had two meetings, consisting of four.

Matlack: The League of Nations brutally checked the potential of the Polish team

– I was very surprised by the lamentations after the match against the Chinese. I had the impression that there was a blacksmith and we lost to a strong opponent who was much higher than us. Who can outdo the others? We have no such player, with all due respect to whoever played in the League of Nations. To Asia Woosz, who does not have the conditions to play better, just like in the club. and for Magdalena Stesiak. I consider her a very talented volleyball player, but I still played a role in which she led the team to great success. Because, in my opinion, it is still far from that – says, the former coach of the Polish national team, Jerzy Matlack.

Poland - Dominican Republic, League of Nations volleyball players, Polish national teamA huge disaster for volleyball players. Lavarini faces a big problem before the tournament

– The League of Nations brutally checked the potential of the Polish national team, especially with regard to volleyball players from the Tauron Liga. For many, this is a discovery: it turns out that we do not grow to a certain level. That this machine looks no different than it has in recent years, even though we already have a dream coach from outside the country. But the composition is basically unchanged, and we have staffing problems. Therefore, I would like the expectations of this band to change. This team has not yet shown anything that would make us think about the successes. Maybe you should think otherwise. I know you’d like great moments to come, but the facts now don’t help with such great optimism – says Matlack.

Not worth canceling anyone. But Lavarini is not a miracle worker.

When we ask what might change before the world championships on home soil in late September/early October, it indicates that in his opinion not so much. – Lavarini got some material, he figured out what the band looks like and what the situation is. But he is not a miracle worker. He probably has a goal in the tournament and would want this team to jump to a certain level. However, she doesn’t seem to have many reasons for such thinking. At the moment, the problems outweigh the possibilities – evaluate Jerzy Matlack.

Canada - Poland, volleyball, League of Nations, Polish national teamGrbić called up 14 players in his last LN tournament. Poland is playing for promotion

However, no one after the League of Nations should be deleted – neither Lavarini nor the players. For Polish women, thanks to a good start, the games can be more than just a trial and test ground with a new coach. But it failed. It is a pity that not being promoted to the eighth final generates problems and does not help the team that was able to reach the quarter-finals by getting a boost. But she hasn’t picked up anything yet. They are supposed to be the real test World Championship And that’s where we’ll see what these employees can do. However, Lavarini and his players have a lot of work to do in the less than three months until the event. It may not be much.

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