The latest launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, an amazing plume in the night sky

The lights have been seen in many places in the United States of America They are similar to comet tails, but with a different shape and a different level of brightness. The arrangement of these lights may resemble a jellyfish. Many people, not knowing what they are, believe that this phenomenon was caused by the entry of a cosmic rock into the Earth’s atmosphere or … it is the work of supernatural forces and UFO. It turns out that the “culprit” is … Elon Musk and the owner of SpaceX.

This is “unusual and supernatural” The lights are from the work of a Falcon rocketIt took off on October 27 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Its mission was to provide 53 broadband satellites (starlinky) in Earth’s orbit. Lifting the payload, the rocket presented a scene from another world – its “luminous pillars” were visible from miles away. Created as a result of sunlight reflecting off particles that flew from rocket boosters at high altitudes. This phenomenon occurs mainly during sunrise and sunset.

As Tampa Bay 10th meteorologist Grant Gilmore told Newsweek, “As the rocket rises, its plume expands in the bright atmosphere, and then sunlight is reflected in the water and exhaust particles.”

SpaceX It was announced that this is the eighth take-off and landing of the Falcon 9 missile. The Falcon missiles are reusable devices. Their boosters are designed to return safely to Earth once a certain charge has been released into space. The announcement on SpaceX’s website reads: “The reusability allows SpaceX to fly again the most expensive parts of the rocket, which in turn reduces the cost of access to space.”

Yesterday (November 1) Launched Falcon Heavy. It is a very heavy carrier rocket created thanks to SpaceX. This device is capable of carrying a payload of up to 63.8 tons in low orbit. It also enables manned missions to the Moon and Mars. The Falcon Heavy is currently the heaviest of all these systems. The final task is glorification secret shipment for the US Space Force called USSF-44.

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