The king of the party.  Roaring century in Poznan.  Jagiellonia smashed becca nothing

at. Saturday Why Poznan It celebrated its centenary, but at the same time had to focus entirely on the competition for league points. All because the Collegors had to chase down leader Bogo Szczecin, to whom he had already lost four points. With a full audience of 40,000 people wearing retro-style commemorative T-shirts Maciej Skorża’s team played with Jagiellonia Białystok, whose main objective this season has been safe maintenance.

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Lech started this match very intensely, attacking Jagiellonia and steadily pressing the ball into her half. However, the problem of the hosts was that they could not penetrate the defense of the inhabitants of Białystok. Therefore, goalkeeper Jaga Zlatan Alomerovi had to interfere only with shots from a distance. I hit her twice Jacob Kaminskyonce Jesper Karlstrom, but the Białystok goalkeeper was catching the ball every time.

Focus on defense Jagiellonia He was able to launch quite a few counterattacks, but they were very dangerous. One of them was hit by Diego Santos Carioca, who made his debut in Gaga, from a few meters above the crossbar, and after another, Felipe Bednarek narrowly defended Bojan Nasticio’s shot. Until the end of the second half in Poznan there was a goalless draw.

Lech Poznan gave a party after the break

But the second part of the meeting began in the way that the hosts dreamed of. Already in the 47th minute, Joel Pereira played quietly inside the penalty area under pressure from opponent Jesper Karlstrom, playing the ball perfectly with the back of his head and a blow from the air from a few meters away that opened the score. Michael Isaac.

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Six minutes later, the score was 2-0, when Jakob’s cross was leveled after Lech’s work kamesky finished “slipping” Joao Amaral.

After two quick hits, Jagiellonia fell, and Lech was looking for more goals. In the 70th minute, Tomas Kudziora, returning from Dynamo Kyiv, appeared on the field as well David Konaki. that’s it Konaki Two minutes later he finished the beautiful work of Kaminsky and Amaral, scoring the third goal.

Three goals from Lech Poznan and a sure win

In the end, Thomas Brickerel was still on the verge of suicide, and after a corner Lech mixed until the ball hit the crossbar of Alumirovic’s goal. Celebrations began in the stands – Kolejorz fans set off flares and fireworks, which together looked very effective.

In the last action of the match, Alomerovi also showed a great interference, defending Antonio Milic’s header. No more goals were scored. Why Poznan He won with Jagiellonia Białystok 3-0, and in this match the goals and abilities of both teams were confirmed. Lech loses one point to the top pogo and fights for the championship, while Jagiellonia looks down the table, specifically in the relegation zone, in which he has a six-point advantage.

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