The iPod is placed in the history trash.  Apple ends production of the popular music player

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Could you apple I don’t like it, but the company has had a nose over the years to design their technologies in a way that makes them iconic. Much of the credit goes to the late Steve Jobs, who not only sensed trends but created them himself. apple So it had a lot of super products that could not be confused with the competition.

He was definitely one of them iPod. A music player that undoubtedly revolutionized the industry after its premiere in 2001. The screen was quite comfortable for those times, but it was the way the device was operated that stood out most and was memorable. The Click Wheel allows you to quickly move between folders containing music and to the premiere Iphone In 2007, it became the hallmark of Apple.

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Apple only copies from others? Nonsense. These three devices changed the world of technology [TOPtech]

Apple won’t make an iPod anymore

Apple has announced that it will end production of iPod music players. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is somewhat surprising that there is still a demand for music players in the market for a long time, to be replaced by smartphones.

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The latest model of the digital player is the iPod Touch. It was designed by the same team that later made the company’s phone – Iphone. The device quickly outperformed the iPod. Apple last updated the iPod in 2019. The new model won’t be built anymore. Over the years, there have been various models of the company’s players, including the Nano and Shuffle.

The iPod, introduced in 2001, “redefined the way you discover, listen, and share a musician– said Greg Joswyak, Apple’s vice president and chief marketing officer. The device will be available for a while storeswhile stocks last.

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