The International Space Station will be destroyed.  NASA gives history

The International Space Station was launched into orbit in 2000 and has since hosted more than 200 astronauts from 19 different countries. However, over the next decade, it will complete its mission and transfer scientific and research tasks into commercial projects.

“With the help of NASA, the private sector is technically and financially able to develop and operate commercial stations in low Earth orbit. We look forward to sharing our results and operational experiences with the private sector to help them develop safe and reliable space stations.” — Phil McAllister, director of space at NASA Headquarters, read in a statement. , quoted by CNN.

In its latest report, NASA announced that the station will fall to Earth in the South Pacific region – also known as Point Nemo. This is called the inaccessible ocean pole, that is, the farthest point from Earth. According to CNN, countries exploring space have already dumped several hundred equipment and waste in this place.

According to NASA’s schedule, the station will lift off from orbit in January 2031.

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Source: CNN

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