The International Space Station will amaze us with discoveries by the end of the decade

MSK is still the only place where scientists of different nationalities can easily conduct their research in the low gravity condition. This is the largest economic effort by the international community to date in more than 20 years that welcomes people and will continue to do so until at least 2030.

2021, the technology summary you can already read, ends with some very positive accents in astronomy and astronautics. In the end, the Webb telescope flew into space and everything indicates that the launch was carried out so perfectly that the telescope’s mission may be significantly extended because of it. The key is fuel, supplies of which are limited, which will also be necessary during the flight to the observation post and entry into orbit around the L2 Langrange point. This is good news for investors who already know that their contribution is not lost.

The International Space Station will serve us at least until 2030

The second good news is the announcement from NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. As you know, nothing can be absolutely certain in politics, but we have official assurances from the government of President Biden that financial support for the International Space Station (ISS) will be extended until 2030. This is also not a surprise, because the presence of MSK in orbit will be useful for the implementation of the program Artemis, and this, as we know, will be extended in time in the twenties of the twenty-first century.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on a space walk. One of his tasks was to install the new ROSA pull-down solar panels (visible in the lower left corner of the image)

The US government also hopes that its example will be followed by statements from other institutions currently collaborating on the MSK project. Including the European Space Agency (ESA), JAXA (Japanese Space Agency), CSA, and Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency).

The Russians threaten and threaten, but they still support the International Space Station

In recent years, the Russians have threatened to abandon cooperation within MSK and move on to their own project, or perhaps strengthen cooperation with China, but for now, their actions indicate that they still see potential in MSK. In the fall of next year as part of the SpaceX Crew-5 mission, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina will fly into orbit, and she is currently the only woman in Russia with a spaceflight license.

Conspiracy theorists may suggest that it will retaliate in this mission for the damage done to Soyuz MS-09 by American astronaut Serena M. Onion-Chancellor. This is a topic that has been heating up by Roscosmos for 2 years.

Alliance and progress
Docked a manned Soyuz and Freight Progress at MSK

By the end of this decade, other space station-grade special facilities will likely be in orbit, China’s Tiangong station will expand, and perhaps a successor will be built. There will also be a portal orbiting the moon, but MSK may still be the pioneer that brings many benefits to space exploration.

Unique discoveries made aboard the International Space Station

So far, 3,000 different experiments, involving 4,200 scientists from around the world, have been conducted in laboratories aboard the MSK science units, as well as on pallets placed on supports outside the station in an open space. It is not only astronauts and astronauts who fly to this station.

MSK Experiences

MSK is also a place where students, as well as private companies, can carry out their projects. If you want to know the most interesting discoveries of the past 20 years that have been made aboard MSK, I refer you to this list.

Happy New Year 2022!!!

Source: NASA, inf. King

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