The infamous record of fires in Greece.  Thousands of evacuees, hundreds of firefighters

European structures were dispatched to fight the fire in Dadia National Park, north of Alexandroupolis Eleven planes and helicopters and 407 firefighters.

Greece. Massive wildfires in the national park

Fires are raging uncontrollably in the area euro in northeastern Greece. There is the situation Because of the strong winds and high temperatures.

As reported by the Copernicus Climate Change Service, during the fire in Evros fire It covered 77,000 hectares Earth is what makes it One of the largest companies in Europe for many years.

“This is the definition of what we call a huge fire,” said Pavlos Marinakis, a Greek government spokesman.

Firefighters have only been dispatched in the past few days to battle the element From Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

fires in greece/Anadolu Agency/France Press agency

Greece. One of the largest fires in the history of the European Union

According to official statistics of the Greek government, the raging fires caused the need to evacuate about 200 people 20 thousand tourists from the island of Rhodes. It is also known that Hundreds of people were forced to leave their homes from all over Greece.

Government Spokesperson Pavlos Marinakis, National Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection and other high-ranking ministers also confirmed They are sent to the areas where the services are operating.

The task of politicians is to make a preliminary assessment of the damage. At the same time it was confirmed that the total balance will be known Weeks after the fires were brought under control.

fires in greece/norphoto/France Press agency

Kerwinsky in “Graffiti” about railway accidents: We want to know who is behind them/Polsat News/Polsat News

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