The increase in incidence will occur one month after schools open

As Grzesiowski explained, it is not easy to predict the further development of the epidemic in Poland. – We have some unknowns. We don’t know how many people in Poland have outlived COVID-19, we estimate it could be 10-16 million, but there is a big difference between the number and the next – explained the immunologist, the Supreme Medical Council’s expert on COVID-19 and a promoter of medical knowledge.

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As Dr. Grzesiowski explains, the delta variable made it difficult to make predictions about the future. – In a city like Warsaw, we have about 80 percent. Persons with immunity, that is, those who have been vaccinated or who have had the disease. But in places where there are fewer vaccines and fewer people who have outgrown COVID-19, there may be more cases. There may be a bad situation in the Lublin region, and not here (in Warsaw) – said the doctor.

Guest Odita Moreau also added that the authorities can now be expected to decide whether to implement regional epidemic management, and whether vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be treated in the same way.

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