June 3, 2023


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The Impact of Movies on the Development of iGaming

Movies and gambling have a long-standing relationship. Casinos have not only been used as setting in some of the best cult classic films throughout history, but gambling games have also served as important narrative tools to help tell stories and heighten emotions. The most popular movie characters in history, such as James Bond or Sam Ace Rothstein in Scorsese’s Casino, have even become associated with gambling.

In this way, movies have greatly influenced the public perception of casinos over the years. This has led to certain themes and experiences becoming associated with these places. In this article, we will explore the impact of movies on the development of online casinos.

Gambling in the New Era

Since the digital age began to take over the world, gambling has entered a new era. You can now find new casinos in Canada emerging almost daily. The majority of classic gambling games, such as roulette, poker, baccarat, and slots, have been adapted to the digital world. Although these titles were digitally adapted, it wasn’t exactly a straightforward process. In recent years, game developers have been able to develop endless possibilities for casino games. Many new game variations have even been introduced as a result of the digital medium.

The success of new and older game versions depends greatly on their design and presentation to the user and gambler. Any type of game has always been influenced by game design and aesthetics, but the audiovisual medium emphasizes this further.

Games Based on Movies

Movies have had the largest influence on online casinos through their movie-themed games. Slots are the most prominent and almost every software provider offers a movie-themed slot game. Here are some top software providers and their popular titles that borrow themes from movies:

  • iSoftBet – Basic Instinct
  • Playtech – Batman Begins
  • Microgaming – Terminator 2
  • 888 Gaming – Nightmare on Elm Street
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This is only a small list as there are many more in the industry. The innovation is not wrong, and it gives players a reason to take part in specific games. When players play games themed after the movies they love, they feel a connection to the games.

Online Casinos and Movies

Considering how online casinos and their games have developed, it’s easy to see that movies have played a significant role in the development of these platforms. The first thing we think of when we think of movie depictions of casinos is luxury and glamour.

Although these themes have always been associated with casinos, movies have helped to reinforce this idea and even help to create expectations about what casinos should be like. Therefore, most online gambling platforms use visuals that depict high-end casinos, emphasizing exclusivity and premium experiences. Colors such as golden, black, and red are frequently featured in online casinos because they evoke these same emotions.

Also, games have adopted motion graphics and 3D animation, which simulate movie camera movements and were promoted in films. Users will also be able to experience a gambling experience with elements from the cinematic universe due to this effect. Furthermore, casino games have evolved beyond mere gambling. There are original characters, dynamic environments, and even plots in them.

There’s more to it than that. It is not uncommon for online casino games to feature original soundtracks and sound effects in the same way as movies. This isn’t a coincidence at all. Images and sound can work together to create an atmosphere, establish a theme, and emphasize a particular moment.

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The movie industry has celebrated casinos over the years, and casinos have benefited from this. Since gambling and movies are linked, the way we perceive casinos and how they operate within the online entertainment industry has been transformed.