June 8, 2023


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The iconic “Galaxy Quest” will be updated! There will be a series for Paramount +

The idea of ​​doing a serialized version of the “Space Crew” movie is back. A new project will be created for the Paramount + platform.

Series stars to help aliens. What do we know about the “Galaxy Quest”?

Mark Johnson, the film’s producer, is in charge of the project “space crew”. In the series, he will act not only as a producer, but also as one of the writers. A suitable partner is being sought to help him prepare the plot.

The heroes of the original film were the actors of the series in the style of “Star Trek”, who were unexpectedly abducted by aliens. Visitors from an alien planet are convinced they will help them fight against their enemies. Starring: Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell and Tony Shalhoub.

The Galaxy Quest series is coming to an end

This is the second way to release the “Galaxy Quest” series. In 2015, a television project was already being prepared, which was to be a continuation of the cult film. Unfortunately, the project fell apart when Alan Rickman died unexpectedly. Played by Alexander Dean / Dr. Lazarus, he was one of the favorite heroes in science fiction comics. The series project itself was largely based on the relationship between Dr. Lazarus and Tim Allen’s selfish actor Jason Nesmith.

In 2021, when asked about the possibility of bringing this project back, Tim Allen replied: The sequel could happen now or in five years. It doesn’t matter because when you’re traveling at the speed of light, it might take you 20 minutes, but that’s 20 years, right?

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However, for now, we don’t know if the currently planned series is actually a sequel “space crew”.

Trailer for the movie “Space Crew”