The Hubble Space Telescope has captured the rare remnant of a white dwarf supernova

The Hubble Space Telescope is in space For more than 31 years And it gives us amazing pictures all the time. In the meantime though Struggling with failure. Now we have the opportunity to see the image you provide Rare remnants of a white dwarf star supernova.

The object in question is the DEM L249 located in Large Magellanic CloudIt is a neighboring galaxy to the Milky Way. Scientists believe that this is a remnant of A type 1a supernovaNo white dwarf death. The photo was taken during a survey of owners of this type of star at LMC.

After analyzing the data, the scientists concluded that the DEM L249 should be the time of the explosion A very huge white dwarf. In addition, it was much hotter and brighter than other Type 1a supernova remnants.

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