The historic fighter crashed on the ground.  An accident in England

A Spitfire fighter plane, part of a squadron of historic British aircraft from World War II, has crashed near a Royal Air Force base. The pilot of the plane died in the accident.

The accident occurred in a nearby field Royal Air Force (RAF) bases. In Lincolnshire in eastern England (BBC reports).

Emergency services were called to a field on the Langreck Road at around 1pm on Saturday, and the Ministry of Defense confirmed the pilot died in the crash. He was the only person on board.

England. Historic plane accident

fighter NervousThe plane, which dates back to World War II Swarms Battle of Britain Memorial Tour based in Coningsby.

The British Royal Air Force said that it would not speculate on the causes of the accident until the investigation was completed, as we read on the BBC website.

Look: he fell into the field from a great height. An accident during the tournament

“It is with great sadness that we must confirm the death RAF pilot “In a tragic accident near RAF Coningsby today,” the statement read.

He added: “The pilot’s family has been informed and we ask that you respect their privacy at this difficult time.” Among those who praised the pilot: The Prince and Princess of Wales.

England. Collection of antique aircraft

The base, located in Coningsby, houses a group of wartime fighters and bombers. They participate in air shows and anniversary celebrations.

The collection includes six Supermarine Spitfire fighters, two Hawker Hurricanes, an Avro Lancaster bomber, a Douglas C47 Dakota transport aircraft, and two De Havilland Chipmunk trainers. It is led by a regular crew from the Royal Air Force, according to the BBC.


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