The health insurance premium will be changed.  The minister revealed the details

Isabella Leszczyna He was first asked about the results of the European Parliament elections. She said that the results clearly showed this Voters trust the government.

The Minister of Health wants changes in health insurance premiums

– That’s how I read it. We have a coalition government and a stable majority in the House of Representatives. Voters have shown that our programme, our 100 details, is a program on which they can vote again – said the Minister regarding the results of the European Parliament elections.

The Minister of Health was also asked about shopping on Sundays and contributions to entrepreneurs, two topics on which the coalition partners cannot reach agreement.

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– I think that we as Poles have a lot to lose from shopping on Sundays and health insurance premiums for a small group of people – said Isabella Leszczyna.

The head of the Ministry of Health added Changes in contributions for entrepreneurs Very important because up to 90 percent are used by people from this group. She said that the draft law in this regard is ready, and after the elections it is time to implement it.

– Today we can sit and do what we promised people [zrobić]. I think we will look for such concessions. She continued: “Every party has something in its program that is not necessarily the case with others, but we will certainly reach a consensus.”

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The topic of shopping on Sundays was also discussed. – In fact, she would like to conduct a serious survey from CBOS on what Poles think about shopping on Sundays. The minister said about the changes: I am against demolishing what has been built.

How much money is lost in hospitals?

Marcin Figolek asked the minister Financing the NFZ. In 11 provinces the first quarter has been paid, while in the remaining five provinces there is a “slight shortfall”, Isabella Leszczyna said. She added that the support provided to the National Health Fund will be increased to cover the missing amounts.

This should be done, the minister added Reorganizing the management of the fund, To be able to take full advantage of what is currently available at the National Health Fund.

There is no pocket from which we will draw. Needs better management. The minister stressed that there will be no shortage of funds.

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The minister added that it may be possible to close some departments or facilities, but only if there is a place nearby where patients can receive help. that it related to staff shortages.

These will be the decisions of local governments. I will never let us come in and say it has to be this way and that way. The minister said that the local government decides this matter.

Ban the sale of electronic cigarettes

Finally, it was addressed Electronic cigarette topic. The government has previously pledged to prepare a law prohibiting the sale of disposable devices soon. However, Isabella Leszczynska explained that it may not be that easy due to EU regulations.

Three projects have been preparedBut work will likely start on one.

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– This design is the quickest one which includes Children and adolescents up to 18 years of ageShe said she would like him to join the government before the holiday

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