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Poland won 3-0 with Canada in the League of Nations match on Thursday. In a post-match interview with TVP Sport, Thomas Fornal spoke about the team’s goals in this competition.

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Press materials / FIVB / Pictured: Tomash Fornal

Canada did not threaten Polish volleyball players for a moment. In any of the groups, Piao Ziruni lost more than 18 points. Every player played very well. Among them, of course, was Thomas Fornal, the winner of nine “points”. The 24-year-old made a brief assessment of the events on the field.

– You can see that Canada did not have the strongest squad in this match, but you also have to win matches like this. You have to come out onto the field with an incentive and show your class. We did it. We controlled the situation for three sets – said Thomas Fornal after the match with Canada in an interview with TVB Sport.

So far, in the matches of the national team, we can only put a minus on the name of Fornal in the service item. The player himself declares that he is working hard to crack fewer spots.

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– I always try to improve the service. I feel much better in this part of the game, but it’s still not optimal. However, I realize that sometimes I judge myself too harshly and then act impulsively. Sometimes, there are also field feelings that are hard to control. I will try to make everything look better – confirmed Fornal.

At the end of the talk, our team host referred to the team’s goals for the League of Nations. Already this week, the Poles can secure their participation in the final tournament. The groom calmly took the news and made an important announcement.

– We can’t imagine we’ll miss out on the top eight. We don’t think about just being there, but about winning a medal in the final tournament. Our high-quality, broad-spectrum formula – Fornal-rated.

In the next match, the Poles will face Australia, which closes the table. This match will take place on Saturday (25 June) at 15:30 Poland time.

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