The great Xiaomi 13 Ultra with a release date.  We know the price!

We got to know the official release date of Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Xiaomi’s ultra-flagship with a Leica camera will also go to Poland. Earlier, the price of Xiaomi 13 Ultra was revealed, which will bring many ManiaK to their knees. Fortunately, the specifications of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will stand up for themselves with its massive shade.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra will debut on April 18, 2023 at 13:00 Polish time. The premiere will take place in the domestic market of the manufacturer. The smartphone is going to Poland, but maybe in a few months.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra: release date / manufacturer image revealed

Xiaomi 13 Ultra specifications and price

We know a lot about the specifications of Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Special emphasis will be placed on the camera, which will be created in collaboration with the legendary Leica brand.

The main star of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s photographic base is the B.B 50MP main module, based on Sony IMX989 sensor 1. In addition, wide-angle telephoto lenses, telephoto lenses, and binoculars are slated to appear. This equipment is top rack for photography.

Of course, only the tests will show if Xiaomi 13 Ultra will defeat the new king of mobile photography and thus sit on the throne in this category.

Other items in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra specifications will also be full of goodies. You should expect:

  • 6.7 inch screen OLED about the resolution WQHD+ And refreshing 120 HzAnd
  • Healer Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with max 16 GB LPDDR5x RAM and l 1 TB of UFS 4.0 storageAnd
  • capacity batteries about 5000 mAh With fast wired charging 90 watts And wireless 50 watts.

As for the price of Xiaomi 13 Ultra, you will learn about it in the article below. Its title is honest: Before you read, you better sit down.

are you standing? Sit. Here is the price of Xiaomi 13 Ultra that will bring everyone to their knees


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