The great rematch at KSW 70!

We know the following list for the KSW 70 concert in May. An interesting fight will take place at the Atlas Arena in ód.

Artur Mazur

Izu Oguno

WP SportoweFakty / Mateusz Czarnecki / Pictured: Izu Ugonoh

Izu Ogunoh and Marek Samociuk first met in April 2021. Samociuk then jumped to the KSW 60 fight card at the last minute, replacing Ugur Ozkaplan. According to many observers, on paper the last minute fight looked better than the original roster.

These views were also confirmed in the cage. In the first round of the match, Ogunoh came close to winning early on. He hit his opponent with his knee, and later on the ground floor delivered a lot of blows to his head. Samociuk survived the attack in a known way only. Ogunoh’s case did not survive this. In the second installment, the roles were reversed, and Samociuk seized the opportunity and won early.

Ugonoh, a trainee at the WCA Fight Team in Warsaw, is back in his cage after more than a year of rest. In turn, he faced the representative of the club Dziki Wschód Michał Kita and had to admit the superiority of one of Poland’s most experienced MMA fighters. Samociuk Clash – Ugonoh was hired in the Heavy Class category.

In the evening battle of KSW 70, which will take place on May 28 at the Atlas Arena, the two Polish MMA legends: Mariusz Pudzianowski and Michał Materla will face each other. Tickets are available for sale on the website. The broadcast will be available on Viaplay and KSWTV.COM platforms (except for countries where Viaplay operates).

evening fight
120.2 kg/265 lbs: Mariusz Podzjanovsky (16-7 1NC, 11 KO) vs. Michał Materla (31-8, 11 KO, 13 Sub)

main card
120.2 kg/265 lbs: Ricardo Brasel (12-3, 4 KO, 8 Sub) vs Daniel Omielańczuk (25-12-1 1NC, 6 KO, 10 Sub)
93 kg / 205 lbs: Ivan Erslan (11-1 1NC, 7 KO, 1 Sub) vs. Rafał Kijańczuk (11-4, 10 KO)
120.2 kg/265 lbs: Marek Samusuk (3-2, 1 ku) vs. Izu Ogunoh (1-1, 1 KO).
83.9 kg / 185 lbs: Radosław Paczuski (3-0, 2 KO) vs Jason Wilnis (2-0, 1 KO)
83.9 kg / 185 lbs: Albert Odzimkowski (11-6 1NC, 3 KO, 7 Sub) vs. Tommy Quinn (8-5 1NC, 3 KO, 1 Sub)

Watch the video: Zuriko Jojua transformed into KSW Champion Sebastian Przybysz

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