The government plans to spend $ 325 million on the “Quebec Cloud”.

The government wants to develop its own cloud computing technology at a cost of $ 325 million to protect the most important data of the Cubes and to prevent access to a country like the United States during a global crisis.

The Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital has provided this budget for setting up a personalized cloud, which will save up to 40% of Cubes data, which is considered highly sensitive.

“You have to build it. This is a huge project,” Minister Eric Khair confirmed in an interview.

The most important data

The CAQ government has promised to clean up obsolete public service computer data centers and provide most of the data on existing cloud services such as Amazon and Microsoft. 20% of the most important information should be protected in the Quebec-owned cloud.

However, the epidemic has forced the government to reconsider the situation in order to better protect its operational data.

“We go from 20% to 40%.”

In the event of global conflicts, certain foreign laws, such as patriotic law in the United States, undermine the ministry’s confidence.

“What would happen here tomorrow morning if the Americans executed an executive order and all Amazon services were returned? That may be so. Now, this is no longer important data,” Eric Khair said.

It responds to the concerns of computer security professionals.

A pro problem

However, Quebec does not have the expertise to set up such technology. However, Amazon can create the plan before handing over the keys to Quebec.

“The project is managed by the ministry, but tenders will be sought to implement it. Since then, the project has belonged to Quebec, “he explained, admitting that he was afraid to rely on one supplier for the remaining 60% of the data.

“That’s my concern,” he insists.

His concern was justified by the fact that most agencies and departments have switched to Amazon’s AWS product to store less sensitive state information.

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