The government made them brag about lowering prices.  Sellers have the answer

Prices hit the Poles’ pockets, draining their wallets. In the framework of the so-called anti-inflation shield, the government decided to reduce the value-added tax on food to 0% in the period from February to July.

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Many store owners have treated this commitment as a government promotion that carefully ignores the nagging topic of the huge cost increases that entrepreneurs have to contend with. So on the door is supplementary information about the increases, taxes, and bills that force prices up.

Such signs can be seen, for example, in the SPC bakery chain. Bread sellers clearly tell customers that their bills are in it Energy increased by 340 percent, the price of gas by 650 percent, and the main ingredient – flour – by 100 percent. Similar stickers have also appeared in other stores and private sellers.

The number of tablets is increasing

Economists also support the sellers information campaign. Marek Tatay, Vice President of the Civic Development Forum, posted on Twitter a pattern for a “wage increase list.”

Since the PIS government requires owners to report in the cash registers what the government has “gave”, it is worth the owners to show what the government is takingWhich affects operating costs and prices. I encourage you to hang it in more visible places, ”- writes the economist.

Shopkeepers are also actively supported by the Young Democrats. As Milena Kowalska, financier and president of the Young Democrats Association, writes, “The government has not taken into account other variable costs, including energy and fuel prices, and even the level of inflation. And to meet the government as Young Democrats, we prepared business signals.”

Prices pay for utility, gas, and electricity bills as well as higher labor costs. The Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the prices of energy carriers increased by 14.3% compared to December 2020. We are dealing with the highest price growth dynamics in 22 years. In December 2021, inflation reached a record high of 8.6%. Although, economists had expected a reading of 8.3%. I spoke even these bleakest predictions inflation within 8.5 percent.

The difference is almost imperceptible

Refers to specific examples. Ordinary Kaiser, which today costs 0.35 PLN after reducing VAT, will have a price of 0.33 PLN. Whereas before the price hike, we paid PLN 0.29 for it. So 4 will still be more than that.

The same is the case with cheese. Today we pay 7.49 PLN for packages of 250 grams. After the reduction, the price will reach PLN 7.13 – 0.14 PLN higher than the old beautiful price anyway.

As Rafai Modri ​​checks, The whole basket, for which you had to pay 89.86 zlotys before the price hike, rose to 98.04 zlotys. Zero value-added tax lowers prices by less than PLN 4 to PLN 94.09 – according to the economist.

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