The government agreed to swallow the gas giant Orlin

The item containing the Secretary of State Assets’ request for approval of PGNiG’s merger with Orlen was added to the government’s agenda today as it progresses. This is at least the result of the history of the changes contained in the BIP of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery.

The government’s approval of the merger is one of the last measures on the way to creating an energy giant. The general meetings of shareholders are still ahead: September 28 in Orlin and October 10 of PGNiG.

Capture the gas giant

At the end of July, PKN Orlen and PGNiG signed a merger plan. In exchange for one PGNiG share, its shareholders will receive 0.0925 Orlen shares. The merger will involve the transfer of PGNiG’s assets to PKN Orlen in exchange for Płock shares granted to the gas company’s shareholders.

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