The goalkeeper sang the national anthem and was suddenly substituted.  The Spanish give the reason M¦

Yacine Bounou is essential Goalkeeper the acting Morocco. He was supposed to be one of the most reliable points for the African team at the World Cup, including on Sunday match with Belgium. Just before the match, there was an unexpected change, which was not noticed until twelve minutes or so later.

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A sudden change in the Moroccan squad. Mounir is Bono’s place

Bono took the Moroccan team onto the field and stood to sing the national anthem. When the time came to greet the two captains and choose one half of the field, he did not turn up. Eden Hazard The judges had to wait for developments. After a while, instead of Bono, Romain Saïss, the defender of the Moroccan national team, came running.

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Bono did not enter the field in the end. Just before the kick-off whistle, there was a line-up correction, and Mounir El Kegwi, who also posed for the team’s official pre-match photo, posed between the posts. Just 10 minutes after kick-off, the Moroccan Federation announced the surprising change of goalkeeper for this match.

Commentators match in Poland Only after 20 minutes did they notice another goalkeeper. At a similar moment, netizens also began to pay attention to the change in the composition of Morocco.

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The reasons for the last-minute change were not known for a long time. The editors of the Spanish website Relevo revealed that Bono’s malaise is a side effect of the painkillers he takes for his hip pain.

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