The Germans drew attention to Lewandowski's behavior.  strange reactions [WIDEO] Becca Nona

brace Lewandowski Against Stuttgart, Gerd Muller gave him another equalizing record. This time the achievement relates to the goals that were scored Bundesliga in one year. They now have 42 of them, but the pole still has another game to play, so there is a chance of breaking that record.

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There is a reaction from the president of “France Football” regarding Robert Lewandowski

Strange reactions from Lewandowski after goals. He was not as happy as he always was

German Apart from the media’s appreciation of the Polish striker’s class and description of his next great achievement, they are concerned about Lewandowski’s behavior after scoring both goals. So far, I celebrate almost every goal in a unique way and with emotions. And after hitting VFP Stuttgart He was utterly defeated, as if he didn’t enjoy the goals at all.

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This is how Lewandowski scored historical goals! Muller scored up!

“Joy is very disciplined.” German journalists have only one explanation for Lewandowski’s behavior

“Lewandowski showed a very disciplined joy” – writes the dailysports Bild ”, who has only one explanation for such behavior of the pole: he must have been dissatisfied with his performance.

Robert Lewandowski and Erling HaalandBayern Munich star talks about Lewandowski. very accurate

Indeed, reporters gave the grades after Tuesday’s meeting Pay attention to the way the Poles started the match. “He again went through a difficult moment and did not find himself for a long time, but remained active” – wrote the newspaper “tz”, who finally admitted Lewandowski The number “1” for “world class”, in recognition of the two goals he scored. “In the first half, Lewandowski was harmless, and after the break he was frozen” – the ratings of the portal “”.

Lewandowski with Lewandowski with “world class”! The Germans are happy, but they blame the Pole

A chance for more joy and Breaking the record for goals in one year in the Bundesliga by Gerd Muller Lewandowski will get it on Friday. The last game in 2021 will be played on December 17th at 20:30. I competed with him Bayern it will be Wevel Wolfsburg. Live coverage on and in the LIVE app.

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