The Germans attack Lewandowski.  “The most embarrassing European scene”

“We Play Next” after the Poland-France match. video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

The Bild daily newspaper wrote about the way Robert Lewandowski takes penalty kicks.

“Lewy’s penalty kick at the right time. The most embarrassing European scene.” – reads the title of one of the Bild articles. “Lewandowski is known to delay taking the penalty kick. But he was slower against France…” – this is how the video of the Polish national team captain’s penalty kick was captioned.

Lewandowski changed his style of taking penalty kicks a long time ago. He used to slow down his speed so that his right leg slowly slid across the grass without leaving the ground. Now the 36-year-old stops running and “jumps” on the ball more. Whether this is a more effective method is a matter of debate. Some people wonder if it complies with regulations. This was explained by referee Lukasz Rogowski on the Interia Sport website.

Does Lewandowski take penalty kicks according to the rules?

Penalty kick by Robert Lewandowski Should be disqualified if he “makes tactical movements after reaching the ball”. However, the pole does this in the middle, so it cannot possibly be against regulations.

“Robert Lewandowski performs his dribble (stop) while running towards the ball, not after running. This proves that after stopping, he takes another step (jump) and then shoots. If the pole stops and then shoots (without his jump), it will be treated as a crime and executed.” Unlawful to punish,” explains Judge Lukasz Rogowski.

Now our striker will have a break for several days. Barcelona players are scheduled to begin preparations for the new season on July 8, but it is not known whether the Pole will return to training immediately. He may be given more time to rest.

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Robert Lewandowski scored a goal from a penalty kick in the France-Poland match/EPA/Christopher Neuendorf/PAP/EPA

Robert Lewandowski/Olympic Photo/Reporter/East News

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