Plan brytyjskiego rządu mający zaradzić kryzysowi z zaopatrzeniem stacji paliw w benzynę zakłada użycie do jej transportu wojska - informuje "The Guardian". Propozycja ma być dyskutowana przez członków gabinetu premiera Borisa Johnsona już w poniedziałek.

The Guardian reports that the British government’s plan to deal with the crisis by supplying petrol stations includes using the army to transport it. Members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet are due to discuss the proposal on Monday.

Over the weekend, there were long queues of cars in front of many gas stations in the UK. Some drivers waited for hours to refuel their cars. The cause of display problems is Lack of tanker drivers and buyers panic.

The country is full of fuel, but it’s not in the right places for drivers (…) Still in stations and refineries Brian Maderson, president of the Independent Petrol Stations Association, told BBC Radio. He added that the fuel shortage at the stations also came as a result of panic among customers.

According to Maderson Gasoline was closed by about two thirds of 5.5 thousand. Association stations. Soon it will disappear to others. BP, Shell and ExxonMobile had already reported supply problems and the need to close some stations.

The government is considering implementing “Operation Escalin”, planned a few years ago in the event of a no-deal Brexit, which Using 80 military tanks to transport gasoline across the country – Report to the Guardian. It will take up to three weeks to fully launch this solution, he adds.

Another option under consideration is the temporary relaxation of rules on commercial relationships between oil companies and retail fuel distributors, according to daily claims.

Britain’s exit from the European Union takes revenge. Some petrol stations have closed in the UK

The shortage of truck drivers in the UK has recently caused serious supply problems to gas stations and retail chains.

According to transport industry representatives In Great Britain there is a shortage of about 100 thousand. truck drivers. After Brexit, about 25,000 people left the UK. Drivers, and the Covid-19 pandemic has halted the onboarding process for new employees in the transportation industry for nearly a year.

The British government announced, Saturday, that it intends to spend 5,000 in October. Three-month visas for foreign truck drivers.

UK: Queues at petrol stations, restrictions on fuel sales

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