The games on Game Pass that I can come back to over and over again. They never disappoint.

I mentioned it a while ago, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat it – Game Pass is definitely one of the most groundbreaking solutions in the video game industry in the last decade. In fact, there are those who will probably say that this element constitutes one of the most important steps in its history. And I think this thesis can be reasonably justified.

But today it’s not about that – well, at least not quite. The fact that Microsoft’s subscription service provides access to dozens of great games is nothing new. However, it’s worth appreciating how many people allow you to return there again and again. Sure, I wrote some time ago that I usually don’t play role-playing games for the second time (with some exceptions), but people don’t just live with such projects.

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In this text I would like to focus on the products available in Game Pass that I like to return to from time to time. As you probably guessed, most of them are designed in a way that offers a lot of “replayability”, but there are also more bizarre suggestions. The list itself is completely subjective and will include some noteworthy items, because I simply prefer to spend some time on them, for example on the Steam Deck (including Skyrim and Vampire Survivors). Without further ado, let’s get to the point!

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

I’ve arranged the titles alphabetically (but it would be easier for you to look them up in the catalog), so we’ll start with the first letter. And that’s how we start strong – from Age of Empires II. I personally appreciate and really like all four games in the AoE series, but I have a big feeling about the second one. And since the update was really well done, I still come back to it smiling and really like spending lazy hours on the map.

Cities: Skylines – Remastered

The same goes for the next update on the list – this time with an economy-oriented strategy. One of the most popular city builders, but in an updated version. Those who haven’t played don’t know what they’re missing. An incredibly comprehensive title, a constantly increasing difficulty level and a huge number of challenges, as well as a solid and well-thought-out gameplay. You can absorb and forget about the real world around us.

Coral Island

As you know, I love farming simulators – and Coral Island, even before its premiere, promised to be, at worst, a solid representative of the genre. And it turned out to be really good. Sure, it’s not a flawless title and it’s very easy to find some flaws, but in many ways it really does the job. The creators clearly knew exactly what they wanted to achieve, and returning to the titular island from time to time is a pure pleasure.

Dreamlight Valley

It’s similar in the case of a game that allows you to traverse the Disney world – literally. Well, to be closer to the truth, I should use the plural here. We can jump between well-known worlds of the greatest cartoons, and at the same time complete tasks that help us develop the environment. And most importantly, new massive updates are constantly appearing, so there is something to do. And you definitely want to come back sometimes to see how much has changed.

Fallout 76

A similar situation occurs in the case of Fallout 76, although the beginnings here were more rugged. At some point, one could get the impression that the game itself would not live long and Bethesda would have to bury it. However, this did not happen – the developers worked hard to get back on track, and their efforts were not in vain. Today, few people remember the slow start – especially when passing the attractive wastelands.

Forza Horizon 4 and 5

Yes, I’ve expanded the entry rules a bit because I’m publishing two titles at one point. But in this case, there’s no point in separating them. We’re dealing with two great racing productions that I personally put close to each other. Stunning graphics, a very fun driving model, great sound, and two beautiful areas to explore in fast cars. I don’t need more.

Goat Simulator

Surprised? Well, not surprisingly. However, I have great feelings for this game and still remember how much fun I had playing with the titular goat physics when the game first came out a decade ago. Today, I can’t count the number of hours I’ve spent searching for new information… and even in recent months, I’ve occasionally returned there just to feel the carefree atmosphere of years ago and to have a lot of fun again from stupidly jumping on later buildings.


I know there have been a lot of comments and criticisms about this game, but I still enjoyed it a lot even though I didn’t finish the full version. It’s a great idea, fun visuals and just a good option if you’re looking for something for a relaxing co-op. At first, it quickly became repetitive, but the creators have been constantly working on developing a range of fun possibilities and today you can spend at least a dozen good hours there.

Power Wash Simulator

If someone had told me two years ago that a game about cleaning up the environment would be a huge hit, I probably would have never believed it. And yet! Turns out, using a washing machine is so satisfying that many people find it the perfect way to kill their free time. And when you add the fact that the creators don’t provide us with content (including many collaborations), it’s hard not to appreciate it.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Finally, the production turned out to be so successful that it was also ported to other consoles. The multiplayer pirate game is addictive, offers great gameplay for groups, and the creators are constantly working on improving it. Not only do we get many updates that improve performance, but we also get a lot of new activities that make it hard to get bored.

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