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The Game of Thrones spin-off series has been shelved due to changes to HBO Max

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December 30, 2022, 14:25

The merger of HBO and Discovery had a major impact on previously planned projects. George R.R. Martin has admitted that these changes have also affected his future productions set in the Game of Thrones universe.

Image source: Game of Thrones; David Benioff and DB Weiss; HBO. 2011

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No production is safe if huge changes are currently affecting HBO Max and Discovery+. Prior to the official consolidation of the platforms, costs are drastically reduced, which is combined with several planned content modifications. HBO has had to reduce planned projects and cancel programsIncluding titles like love lifeAnd the minxif FB Boy Island (Through diverse).

a series Dragon breeda prequel Games of Throneswas a huge success and was soon extended for another season. Despite the warm reception to the Targaryen story and the scheduled premiere of Season 2 in 2024, George R.R. Martin has admitted that some of his planned productions have been pushed back due to changes at HBO.

Some projects move faster than others, as is always the case with development. None of them have been given the green light yet, though we hope…maybe soon. A few have been put on the shelves, but I don’t agree that they are dead. You can get something off the shelf as easy as putting it on. We’ve definitely been impressed with all the changes to HBO Max.

Martin’s full post can be read on the official website Articles.

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No specific titles were given that were shelved. We know they worked Including an introduction based on the book Tales from the Seven KingdomsAnd also above This thousand shipsin which we shall learn the story of Queen Nymeria and show it out loud Jon Snowwhere we can count on Kit Harington’s fantastic return to the title role.

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How exactly will fusion affect the productions that take place in the universe I gotWe’ll find out over time. Right now, you can watch all eight seasons of the cult series on HBO Max game of thrones and the first season of the hit Dragon breed.

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