The Gala des Oliviers should have been renamed: “Down, my uncle!”

During Sunday’s Gala des Oliviers, we were treated to a festival of jokes about “old people,” all thrown into the same basket, as if they were all sunk and disconnected, like all he millennials did before they came down to earth. Put it in the trash can.

The Cala des Oliviers should have been renamed: “Leave my uncle! »

Old, IT sticks

This is strange: for the new generation, all forms of discrimination should be banned, except one: discrimination against the elderly.

Gender discrimination? mischievous Racism? Terrible. But aging? No difficulty!

During the comedy show, hosted by Catherine Levack (33), we were treated to:

– A gentle tribute to a great comedian (died at 87).

– An integer to make fun of “old” comedians.

– Jokes about Louis-José Haut “getting too old” (he’s 46!), Guy Nandel not “content” enough (he’s 55), Christian Begin not fast enough (he’s 60).

At a gala, Virginie Fordin (36) and Arnaud Soley (33), disguised as Pat and Matt, two big, rickety settlers, said, “The humor was good, when we were eight white men, and we fought with ourselves. Jokes Roughly speaking, we can say: Come, we’re kidding! “.

The part of the song that got me the most was: “We don’t apologize for our wandering hands, no victims, just lucky”. Hmmm. So are the new generation of comedians treating women well? Haha, that was the best joke of the evening!

As if forgiven for these crass stereotypes of the “comedy of yesteryear,” a group of children dressed as Marie-Lise Pilot, Daniel Lemire, Mario Jean, Claude Meunier, Soule, Michael Barrett and Pierre Brassard: “We marked you. Fantasy with our legendary characters. Hey boy. , a great ten seconds to recognize the “pavers of the way.”

Even Danny Turcotte, via Radio-Canadian, tweeted: “It seems so common for the new generation of comedians to insult the old! »

But the greatest discomfort of the evening was the starving and anemic tribute to Jean Lapointe. All in all, it took 30 seconds… to commercial break. The black and white photographs have no narrative to recall the highlights of the musical, comedian’s life. What a shame to sweep such a great artist under the rug!

Even MC Gilles, still at his radio-Canadian fingertips, tweeted with good sarcasm: “Did you miss the tribute to Jean Lapointe? I also have a habit of blinking…”

Want to know the best? Olivier Guimond was Jean Lapointe’s best friend. Who would have thought that one day, a gala bearing the name of the former would take away the memory of the latter?

Before them was the desert

Gala organizers should remember that Olivier Guimond was born on May 21, 1914.

What a travesty: we have a gala, we present statues named after a comedian born 109 years ago, but we act as if only comedians born after 1990 have momentum!

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