The fourth wave will crawl.  We are left with self-discipline and masks

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How is the fourth wave of COVID-19 going? Dr. Szułdrzyński: He’s turning to western Poland

The Ministry of Health said, on Wednesday, that research had confirmed 28,380 new infections with the Corona virus. 460 people have died from COVID-19. This is the largest number of infections in the fourth wave Epidemic in Poland. Exactly a year ago, 10,139 new cases were discovered, and a week ago – 24,239 new cases.

According to the professor of virology. Włodzimierz Gut, this number of infections may be the result of a shift – during November’s free days, infected people were late to see a doctor. – This is what the number of deaths shows us. He said that among the major countries, we are already already a leader in terms of the number of infections and deaths.

– At the moment, even if everyone rushes to vaccinations, the statistics will change only two weeks after the second dose – said the professor. Gut. In the opinion of the virologist, “we are left with nothing but the so-called covid restrictions, that is, self-discipline, masks, and restriction of movement.”

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Everyone gets infected with Corona virus

He noted that at the moment in Poland half of the population is vaccinated. “About two-thirds of unvaccinated people will be needed,” the virologist said. He pointed out that there is a significant difference between the transmission of the Covid-19 virus between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. The former does not burden them health service And they don’t die often. a. Gott said SARS-CoV-2 is contagious by everyone – whether or not someone has already been vaccinated with COVID-19.

Infection means entry virus in the body, which leads to their reproduction in cells. By contrast, the prepared organism’s response limits this process, reduces redirection capacity, and causes the infection to be milder, the virologist said. He added that the symptoms of infection related to genetics and preparation of the body. He explained that when infected, the virus causes what is called storms Cytokine, that is, an excessive reaction of the body to the pathogen, which may turn out to be worse than the SARS-CoV-2 infection itself.

The body that suffers from infection produces very large amounts of cytokines, which can lead to serious consequences, for example, Covid haze, or in more severe cases even dementia, not to mention neuritis, diseases Heart, intestines or lungs – note prof. Gut.

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The “scary character” of the fourth wave

And a virologist in Poland believes that “the fourth wave will creep.” – Masks by 80% of citizens are currently worn by only 30%, which means that only here there are people who wear them correctly, and in many places they do not wear them at all, let alone on the chin. An additional factor that caused the increase in infections is the increased number of personal contacts, which the holidays favor – said the professor. Gut.

When asked how long a creeping wave could take, the virologist said “until 85% of the population is vaccinated.” – Then the injury period is shortened and the wave begins to fade – the professor emphasized. Gut.

a. The death rate is very complex, Gott said. There are several overlapping elements, such as: our age inclinations, but also our behaviour. If someone doesn’t believe COVID-19 exists and reports to the hospital they are in serious condition, saving them is a miracle. Some even go directly under the ventilator. And the virologist there warned of a third death sentence.

He stressed that “people who showed the first symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection should self-isolate.”

Corona Virus.  Illustrative imageEurope is struggling with the fourth wave. In Germany, more than 66,000 new infections

Author: Magdalena Gronek / PAP

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