The fourth wave of the pandemic in Europe.  Where is the worst?

The significant increase in infections in Europe contributed to the reversal of the infection curve for the whole world, which has been declining since mid-August, as the next wave of infections passed through Asia and North America. Two weeks ago, the number of infections worldwide increased again.

Currently, more than 420,000 cases are diagnosed every day in the world. New infections (more than half of them are in Europe), while two weeks ago there were about 400 thousand. At the height of the epidemic, in April 2021, more than 800,000 people were detected worldwide. infections daily.

Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

In Europe, the largest number of infections for the entire population was detected in the Baltic states. Every day in Latvia, an average of 134 infections are diagnosed per 100,000 people. In Estonia – 116, and in Lithuania – 106. This indicator is also high in the Balkans. In Serbia 100, Slovenia 95, Romania 74.

In Western Europe, the largest number of infections per 100 thousand. The population of Great Britain was recorded – 65 and Belgium – 53. And in Poland, last week, an average of 15 infections per day per 100 thousand. Inhabitants in Slovakia – 57, in Ukraine – 50, in the Czech Republic – 35, in Germany – 20.

The infection curve is growing faster in Central Europe. In the Czech Republic, there was a 164 percent increase on Thursday. Infection for more than a week. In Hungary – more by 101 percent, in Poland – by 77 percent, in Slovakia – by 64 percent. This rate is also high in the Benelux and Scandinavia. The weekly increase in infections was 84% ​​in Denmark, 78% in Norway, 62% in Belgium and 55% in the Netherlands.

Great Britain

The largest number of infections in Europe was detected in Great Britain – an average of 44 thousand. Per day, Russia – 36 thousand, in Ukraine – 22 thousand. And in Germany – 16 thousand. In some European countries, incl. In Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Ukraine and Belarus, the number of new infections rose to the highest level since the beginning of the epidemic.

In Poland, an average of 5.7 thousand people were diagnosed each day over the past week. New infections During the epidemic’s peak in late March/early April, the average daily number of infections approached 30,000.

Romania has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in Europe today – averaging 22 deaths per million inhabitants each day. For Bulgaria, this coefficient is 18, for Ukraine and Latvia – 13, Lithuania – 11, Russia – 7.2, Great Britain – 2, Poland – 1.6.

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