The fourth wave of the Corona virus in Poland.  a.  Perry: Tough moments await us this fall (video)

Professor Christophe Berry, a virologist from Jagiellonian University, was a guest on WP Newsroom. The expert admitted that the slowdown of the rulers in making decisions does not have a positive impact on the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the country.

It is unfortunate that measures are not taken at a point that can be used Tools other than restrictions only. We wrote about it in the Polish Academy of Sciences that it would be nice to return to reality after the summer holidays, to somehow mitigate by introducing not restrictions, but rules – the expert confirms.

The virologist adds that he, among other things, about safety rules in schools and public places.

– That, along with vaccinations, should enable us to act, but at this point, the wave has gone so high If it doesn’t stop automatically, we’ll have a tough time this fall – Countries A. Throw.

According to the virologist, we should not forget that the problem of the epidemic still remains. Still only vaccinations, Keep your distance and wear masks In public places, it can reduce the volume of coronavirus infections in Poland.

– Following simple rules to reduce the risk of infection, which we talked about a year and a half ago, will be very effective. This will allow to maintain this wave of infection at a level that does not paralyze our lives – says the expert.

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