June 8, 2023


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The Flash – There are new promotional materials for the movie. Retired Batman and … “two stupid kids”

Although recently, netizens have been wondering if the movie Sparkle It will eventually go to cinemas, it seems DC Studios is still betting on promoting productions from Ezra Miller championship. At the Comic-Con Experience held in São Paulo, new marketing materials were revealed – it’s graphics that may shed a slightly different light on the plot itself.

One of them is particularly interesting. Mentionsed:

  • “Two stupid kids” – this most likely refers to the fact that in the film we will see Barry Allen and his likeness from another reality, which is confirmed by the first teaser; However, it is not clear why the protagonist, one of the most intelligent characters in the DC comic universe, is called “stupid”;
  • “The Retired Avenger” – Bruce Wayne’s version Michael Keaton It appears he has hung up his superhero gown, and the change in life will force him to change back into his Dark Knight costume; Said retirement likely lasts thirty years and the events shown in the film Batman Returns;
  • “Half-charged, solar-powered alien” – This reference to Supergirl may indicate that the filmmakers are using stories from the Superman comics where his powers were sometimes limited when he was in the service of the US government.

Also note that in another of the promotional images, the Scarlet Sprinter doesn’t have the signature lightning bolt on his head — the doppelgänger wears a completely different outfit. See for yourself:

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Film release date Sparkle It is currently set for June 23 next year.

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