The first type of Star Academy has been postponed

First Variety, as there are many Govt-19 cases among competitors Star Academy Postponed to next week. Jean-Philippe Dion, the show’s executive producer, returned to the sequence of events.

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Several COVID-19 cases erupted last weekend, prompting production to modify what was originally planned. “On Saturday afternoon, we built a control room directly in the hotel to be live with the affected candidates, the producer pointed out. We found a way to get them to sing and participate in the show from the hotel where they are alone.

But the announcement of a new positive case within the group of candidates, however, disrupted the plans. “The fourth case came on Saturday evening, about 8 o’clock, and this may give us an indication that there may be other cases. In addition, the selected candidates have to enter the academy on Sunday evening and live in a bubble under the same roof. We decided to postpone it for a week.

In isolation

All the candidates have been isolated in their hotel rooms since Friday evening and the four candidates who tested positive are still performing well. “They have more or less severe symptoms, but fortunately no one is seriously ill. All the candidates are a little depressed, but they will all be isolated at the hotel for a few days. By resuming the rehearsal next weekend, we hope to cover the pot,” said Jean-Philippe. Diane said.

These positive cases will come despite the most drastic precautionary measures. “Candidates have been isolated since January 3. We have many candidates who have children and we want to allow them to spend the holidays with their families.

In the studio Star Academy, Health protocol is also very strict. A team constantly monitors social disasters, changing masks regularly and disinfecting the premises regularly. No cases were reported between the technical or production teams.

Minimal effects

The first type Star Academy It will be given next week which should correspond to the program scheduled for this Sunday. “I can not confirm anything more in detail when we speak, but I have to present 99% of the same type with the performance of candidates like Daniel Belonger …”, Advanced Jean-Philippe Dion.

This postponement should not affect the entire season. “We are going to do the same number of projects as planned, 13 types and 12 weeks daily, but at one-week intervals. For invited international artists, this does not change anything. Only the second type needs to be modified. For the rest, we have the same game plan throughout the season.

Great premiere Star Academy It will air on TVA on Sunday, January 23 at 7pm Daily It airs Monday through Thursday, January 24, at 7:30 p.m.

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