Do Świnoujścia przypłynął tankowiec z ponad 65 tys. ton LNG, czyli z ponad 90 mln m sześc. gazu po regazyfikacji (fot. TT/PGNiG)

An oil tanker carrying more than 65,000 people has arrived at Owenogisei. Tons of liquefied natural gas, that is, more than 90 million cubic meters. Gas after regasification. PGNiG announced Saturday that this is the first gas supply from American Venture Global LNG, with which PGNiG has signed long-term fuel purchase agreements.

PGNiG’s 100th LNG shipment from Qatar has arrived in Owenogice

PGNiG has received the 100th batch of LNG from Qatargas, Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo announced on Saturday. The North Gas Company delivered…

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Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) announced on Saturday that President Lech Kaczynski, the tanker “Maran Gas Apollonia”, has arrived in Wojnojesi with a tonnage of more than 65,000. tons of liquefied natural gas, ie more than 90 million cubic meters. Gas after regasification.

As stated, “This is the first shipment by a vessel chartered by PGNiG, and at the same time the first shipment received by the group from American Venture Global LNG, with which it has signed long-term contracts for the purchase of LNG.”

PGNiG: We are expanding our capabilities

– So far, we have only purchased LNG loads that have been flown. Now we buy gas directly from condensing stations. This certainly expands our possibilities of obtaining LNG. Our own fleet gives us access to the market for free on-board contracts, that is, those in which the buyer is responsible for the collection and transportation of LNG from the product – confirmed Iona Waxmundska-Ulinzak, President of PGNiG, quoted in the company’s announcement.

PGNiG has announced that a cargo of LNG delivered to Świnoujście on Saturday has been collected at the Calcasieu Pass condensing terminal in Louisiana, owned by US company Venture Global LNG. From next year, PGNiG will start receiving 1.5 million tons of LNG (2 billion cubic meters of natural gas, after gas-to-gasification) annually from this terminal.

The terminal located in Świnoujście will receive six LNG cargoes in May

PGNiG announced on Monday that it expects to deliver six cargoes of LNG to the terminal in Owenoghesi in May. During the past eight days, the company has…

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It should be noted that PGNiG also has a long-term contract with Venture Global, which provides for the receipt of 4 million tons (about 5.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas, after regasification) from the Plaquemines liquefaction plant in Louisiana.

– Soon, under long-term contracts with PGNiG, our company will supply liquefied natural gas, which will satisfy a significant part of the gas demand of Polish customers. Mike Sapel, CEO of Venture Global LNG, confirmed that due to the fact that these contracts are based on the free on board formula, not only will PGNiG be a recipient, but also a regional leader in LNG supply and trade.

PGNiG has confirmed that the free on-board formula applies to both contracts between PGNiG and Venture Global LNG. This includes and with their implementation in mind, PGNiG has signed contracts to charter tankers for the transportation of LNG. Eight units with a capacity of 174 thousand. Tons of LNG each will be manufactured to meet the group’s needs. The first two will be used next year, the next two – in 2024 and the other four – in 2025 – the Polish company said.

According to PGNiG, the group has also decided to charter three ships this year, two of which are in the first half of the year. One of them is Maran Gas Apollonia, and its owner is Maran Gas Maritime – a subsidiary of the Angelicoussis Group. Maran Gas Maritimie will also own two of the eight gas tankers built for PGNiG,” PGNiG reported.

The project was abandoned by the PO-PSL government. Pawlak around the LNG station in Świnoujście [WIDEO]

Recently, politicians from the Civic Platform took credit for the construction of a gas station in Owenoghesi. Meanwhile, Valdemar Pawlak wondered…

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“Our companies have recently entered into long-term contracts to lease two LNG carriers,” said Angelicoussis Group Vice President JS Stohle JS Stohle.

He noted that in the current global situation, such a partnership between “two powerful European companies is more important than ever.”

PGNiG has announced that the LNG delivered by “Maran Gas Apollonia” is already the 17th delivery of LNG that PGNiG has received at the terminal in Świnoujście this year. and 165 from the start of the installation run.

Since this year, the gas-to-gas plant capacity of the gas system is 6.2 billion cubic meters. Gas annually (5 billion cubic meters in previous years). With more investments, gas regasification capacity will increase to 8.3 billion cubic meters in 2024. Gas per year. PGNiG booked 100 percent. Gas-to-gas regasification capacity of the installation “- the company emphasized.

PGNiG added it on May 6 this year. Received the first cargo of LNG outside Poland, which was delivered to the LNG terminal in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Most of the gas delivered there was sent to Poland via the newly opened Polish-Lithuanian gas pipeline, and some was offered on the Baltic market.

The transfer of gas to the West through Ukraine stopped. “The Russians destroyed two major gas pipelines”

Ukraine’s gas network operator GTS will not send Russian gas to Western Europe from Wednesday. “The Russians destroyed two main gas pipelines in …

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New gas supply contracts

Last year, Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo supplements signed agreements with US companies Venture Global Calcasieu Pass and Venture Global Plaquemines to purchase an additional two million tons of LNG per year for a period of 20 years. As a result, the total volume of LNG that PGNiG will receive from Venture Global LNG will increase to 5.5 million tons per year, which is equivalent to about 7.4 billion cubic metres. After gasification is regasified.

PGNiG plays a major role in the Polish gas market and is responsible for maintaining the country’s energy security as a leading company. It explores and exploits natural gas and crude oil, international gas trade, sale and distribution, and produces heat and electricity. The group consists of more than 30 companies that employ 25 thousand people. employees. PGNiG operates among others in Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Its shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2005.

Venture Global is a long-term supplier of American LNG, and gas is produced from the North American deposits of this fuel. Venture Global’s first facility, Calcasieu Pass, began producing LNG in January 2022. The company is developing additional condensing capacity in Louisiana, which will allow it to produce 60 million tons of LNG annually.

Angelicoussis Group owns 163 vessels, including bulk carriers, tankers and gas tankers, 13 of which are under construction.

Maran Gas Maritime is a business unit of the Angelicoussis Group responsible for technical, operational and commercial services for gas tankers.


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