The first finalists for the Polish Cup were selected.  Agnieszka Korneluk show

PAP/Krzysztof Świderski/Pictured: Volleyball players from Grupa Azoty Chemik Police

Dominica Pawlik

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police became Poland’s first Toruń Cup finalist. There were no surprises in the semi-finals. The Polish champions defeated Grot Budowlane Łódź (3:1).

Volleyball players from Al-Shorta and Lodz love to play in the Polish Cup. Radosław Wodziński’s charges returned to Nysa after a year’s absence. A very large group of fans came with them, hoping that the club would win the cup for the tenth time in history.

Budowlane wasn’t the favorite, but the return of Monica Fedosio to the team gave hope. The beginning was very promising. Justyna Łysiak played great in defense, beating off almost all attacks of her rivals. The game was played as a point, but the Łódź players seemed to have the lead. Meles Durol had a big role in this. Without the Turkish striker, Bodolan would not have stayed so close to the opponents.

At one point, Agnieszka Korneluk caught the pace, starting to block and finish every ball she got from Fabiola. The cheeks advantage started to grow and they took control of the rest of the group, winning it to 19.

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The second part was surprising. The Polish champions quickly climbed to four points and it looked like that might be enough. Budowlane, with the support of a nine member fan club, managed to get even. Fedusio rebounded, and uncertainty and mistakes crept in on the other side. Thanks to this, the boatman leveled the match.

The alchemist needed tens of minutes or more to get back on track. Having nothing to lose, and not being a favourite, Budowlane played confidently and without pressure. it worked. Łazowska, and later Ewelina Polak, who changed it, did not have much choice in attack. This eventually translated into the fact that the cheeks began to bounce with the score again, this time the opponents did not catch up.

After a short break and a change of sides, Jovana Brakocević was able to add quite a bit to her team’s score. It was enough for Šimik to seal promotion to the Polish Cup final on Sunday in Group D.

Grupa Azoty Chemik Police – Grot Budowlani Łódź 3:1 (25:19, 24:26, 25:19, 25:16)

Chemical: Fabiola, Brakocević-Canzian, Czyrniańska, Łukasik, Korneluk, Wasilewska, Stenzel (Libero), Cipriano, Sikorska, Połeć

builders: Łazowska, Durul, Lisiak, Fedusio, Kąkol, Łysiak (Libero), Kazała, Pole

best player: Corneluc (chemist)

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