The first contact of this kind in history. Scientists have done something unimaginable.

One involves encrypting vulnerable information using quantum computers. These machines can perform calculations many times faster than their classical counterparts. So keys that would take a regular computer hundreds or even thousands of years to crack can be cracked by quantum machines in almost the blink of an eye.

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The answer to these threats is technology in the form of quantum key distribution. Researchers from Germany have recently become aware of its potential and write about their achievements in this journal. Light: Science and ApplicationsThe research team conducted a landmark intercity experiment using a single-photon deterministic source. Their findings could be a major step in research into how to protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

The creation of large networks based on quantum key distribution was limited. This was due to the lack of existing quantum light sources. Representatives from the Leibniz University of Hannover, supported by scientists from institutions in Braunschweig and Stuttgart, decided to make a revolution.

Quantum key distribution communication using quantum dots aims to provide security against hacker attacks.

The main conclusion that engineers working on this topic have recently reached is the understanding of the potential shown by semiconductor quantum dots. They offer great opportunities for quantum information technology. Thanks to the achievements of German scientists, it has been confirmed that these dots can be used to operate a secure quantum internet with long-distance communications.

A special aspect of the recent experiments was the use of quantum dots for quantum communication between two different cities. Thus, the research team members connected Hanover and Braunschweig using optical fibres. The fibres were less than 80 kilometres long. Over this distance, the scientists organized a fast and efficient main transmission.

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Quantum communication over increasingly large distances is a great success, and the same enthusiasts point out that quantum dots could have a number of other applications. These include the design of quantum amplifiers, distributed quantum sensing, quantum information storage, and emitting states of optical clusters. Given the progress that has been made in just a few years, the vision of implementing these applications is impressively possible.

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