The first call for applications within the FIRST TEAM FENG activity has been resolved

The Polish Science Foundation announces the results of the first call for applications (1/2023) in the FIRST TEAM activity funded by the European Funds for the Modern Economy (FENG) programme. Funds totaling more than PLN 101 million will be received through 27 projects.

FIRST TEAM activity makes it possible to obtain funding to establish a research team and conduct innovative research with the possibility of application in Poland.

202 projects from 68 research organizations were submitted to the first call for proposals. Financing for the total amount 101,361,052 Polish zlotys Receive 27 projects (Success rate: 13.36%).

Projects were selected for funding through a two-stage competition. After formal evaluation, applications are subject to objective evaluation by experts in specific fields.

Funding for one project does not exceed PLN 4 million. Thanks to these funds, new research teams consisting of young scientists, doctoral students and students who will be selected through an open competition will be built, and it will be possible to purchase the necessary equipment to implement the project. The winning projects represent different scientific fields and focus on innovative research with applied potential. It will be implemented mainly in universities and units of the Polish Academy of Sciences, but also in technical colleges and other research organizations. In each project, cooperation with a foreign scientific partner and a local economic partner is planned, with financial support provided only to the advanced research organization from Poland.


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